Full media | “Innovation and Breakthrough in Shandong” large-scale media coverage started;”Good Quality Shandong” blind box waiting for you

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All media to show shandong’s efforts to “take the lead” vivid practice “Innovation Breakthrough to See Shandong” large-scale integration media report launched ■ Dazhong Daily interview team to go to counties, urban areas, industries and enterprises to carry out marching reports ■ Jointly tell the story of innovation □ Our reporter Shan Qing Innovation breakthrough to see Shandong!General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward three important instructions and requirements for Shandong to take the lead, which are the general direction, orientation and navigation mark for shandong to do all its work well.Shandong Province 2022 work Mobilization Conference proposed that innovation should be placed at the core of overall development, focusing on the “ten innovations”.Innovation, to Shandong, has become the new label and background.To fully express the innovative practice of the shandong province high quality, create a good atmosphere of the whole province seeks the innovation breakthrough, on February 15, the public daily all media platform blockbuster launch “innovative breakthrough at shandong” big media reported, and focus all over the province industry, various enterprises and units of innovation thinking, innovation, character, innovation, experience, innovation, etc.,Tell the story of Shandong’s innovation and breakthrough in a vivid way, and show the vivid practice of Shandong’s efforts to “take the lead” in an all-round and multi-angle way — the whole network solicits “Chief Innovation Officer”.For all parts of the province, industries, enterprises, units, etc., we extensively collect innovation cases and stories, and dig out new ideas, new tricks and new highlights for the development of economic and social fields.Launch the large-scale media interview activity of “Innovation and Breakthrough in Shandong”.For the key innovation cases and innovation stories selected through online collection, Dazhong Daily sent a reporting team to conduct on-the-spot interviews and reports, and through writing and lens, three-dimensional display of innovative measures and gratifying achievements of all walks of life.Flexible use of graphic, poster, video, graphic, H5 and other forms of new media, multimedia presentation, multi-channel release.Launch a series of video interviews in dazhong Daily’s living room.Interviews will be conducted with leaders of various localities, industries, enterprises and units, focusing on creative and breakthrough achievements, narrating the development process of emancipating the mind, boldly exploring and seeking innovation and change, and presenting new responsibilities, new thinking, new outlook and new actions from a multi-dimensional perspective.This year is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress, the key year of the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the decisive year of the “five-year breakthrough” in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province.Innovation leading to the future, work achievements dream, “innovative breakthrough at shandong” large financial media reported will be based on new technologies, new forms, new means and new perspective, continue to launch series in stages, include the offline activities such as discussion and results released, panoramic display of shandong province of the construction of the innovation and breakthrough, attention please!Call for clues and submissions: From February 15, 2022, the whole year.Object of solicitation: Solicit contributions from all parts of the province, all industries, enterprises and units.Content requirements: Innovative measures, innovative stories, innovative characters and breakthrough achievements in various fields of economic and social development, both graphic and video.Submission: send to dzrbcxtp2022@163.com, please indicate your name, company, contact information, etc.Consultation telephone: 0531-85193702 “Good Shandong” advertising slogan global solicitation activity harvest more than 2000 net friends “fancy confession” “Good Shandong” blind box waiting for you to open!On January 25th, Dazhong Newspaper Group (Dazhong Daily) officially launched the global soliciting activity of “Good Shandong” advertising slogan, inviting netizens to “open blind box” novel ideas, which aroused warm response from all sectors of society.As of February 16, each platform has received more than 2,000 netizens fancy confession “good shandong” copywriting.In order to expand the brand awareness and social influence of “Haopin Shandong”, this campaign broke the convention and adopted a more “unknown” and more interesting way of “opening the blind box”. After releasing the poster of “Haopin Shandong blind Box waiting for you” in Rong Media Matrix of Dazhong Newspaper Group, the campaign succeeded in attracting fans.Only two days after the launch of the campaign, hundreds of advertisements were received from netizens across the country.The arrival of the Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympics has created the flow “IP” for “Good Quality Shandong”.On January 31 (New Year’s Eve), the single article “Good Shandong” Tianshan Team appears on CCTV, Gathers mountains and seas and rushes to the World “released by Dazhong Daily app was forwarded 171 times;Released on February 9, gu Ailing’s favorite honey three Knives is a “good Shandong” sweet responsibility hit the hot topic.Slogan solicitation activities follow hot spots, strengthen interaction with netizens in the exclusive comment area, and continue to launch netizens to contribute.At the same time, with the original copywriting of netizens as the content, the client has designed and released 14 interactive posters. Some netizens saw their own advertising slogan was designed as a poster, and actively forwarded the relevant posters, triggering the enthusiasm for submission again.Read the netizen manuscript, some cultural flavor, such as “pregnant Qilu of Confucius and Mencius rose, breeding Chinese Yan Huang zhen”;Some read quite some “top”, such as “good shandong good, hospitable Shandong hospitality”;Some “rhyme” and “homophonic stem” fly together, such as “good quality Shandong, quality climbing peak” “good quality Shandong, according to ‘Lu’ have you”;More for “good shandong” to sound the “horn” towards the world, such as “Qilu good goods, gather mountains and seas, warm the world”, “good Shandong goods, sell the world, call the world”, “good goods, let the world @ Shandong goods”.During the solicitation activity, the netizens expressed their enthusiasm for amway Shandong’s good people and good places.”Houde Shandong people, good products are famous all over the world” “Good people from Shandong produce good products” highlight the precious qualities of honesty, benevolence, honesty, hospitality, kindness and friendship fully reflected in Shandong people;”Yantai apple on the space, good taste shandong global red” “Dezhou braised chicken, A strange” “Zhangqiu scallion laiwu ginger, Jinxiang garlic piao Quartet” “Qilu fruits and vegetables, good dish shouguang” “Langyatai wine, Laoshan green tea, are famous in Shandong” detailed Amway Shandong good product;”Start a prairie fire Gaogadu, bibo long Lake” “Green sandalwood temple anti-gold general, Weishan Lake hero” is recommended in the hometown of good mountain good water good place.In netizens’ copywriting, Confucian culture, Yellow River culture and Marine culture are the “cultural landmarks” of “good Shandong”.Shandong is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and the birthplace of Confucian culture. “The way of Confucius and Mencius is to create good products in Shandong”, which means that “Good products in Shandong” make high-quality products according to the high standard of sages.”Admire Mount Taishan Beidou, enjoy good Shandong” by the first mount Taishan means “good Shandong” superior quality, like mount Taishan Beidou;”Good people are nurtured by the Yellow River, good products are produced by the Yellow Sea” and “Qilu model dream, blue ocean feeling” highlight the brand characteristics of “Good Product Shandong” with the geographical elements Yellow River and ocean that represent Shandong.Articles such as “big country heavy articles, clothing, food, shelter and transportation, only good quality Shandong”, “Mountain and Sea products made in the East, Made in Shandong for you”, “Good quality Huicui, Shandong smart made” demonstrate shandong’s strong strength as a big manufacturing province in China, which is committed to improving product competitiveness with scientific and technological force.I think of my parents all the more on a fair festival dayDuring the Spring Festival, netizens in Shandong province expressed their homesickness by soliciting advertising slogans.”Miss home, only as beautiful”.Hometown Weifang Li Ning in “advertisement language interpretation” wrote: “since the adult, has been working in the border area.After working overtime at night, the only thing I want to eat is ham sausage. That taste is orthodox.”Reporter telephone contact Li Ning, he told reporters, since the age of 18 after graduating from high school in Xinjiang work, has been missing the taste of home, in addition to the United States ham sausage, also want to eat home chicken rack.Tang Zhengguang in Zhuhai submitted 6 advertising language in one breath.”Good product Shandong, praise the world” “originality Shandong, good product together” “good product Shandong quality-oriented, praise such as tide sincere letter”.Behind the carefully conceived slogan of the sentence is his deep attachment to Shandong.The reporter learned that, in response to the requirements of the majority of netizens, the organizers of the activities will be extended to collect activities, advertising language collection is still in progress, you still have the opportunity to express the heart of the “good shandong”, “good Shandong” blind box waiting for you to open!In August 2020, The Shandong Party Construction cloud platform jointly built by Dazhong Daily, Shandong Provincial Party School and marxism College of 16 universities went online, and simultaneously launched the shandong Excellent Party construction brand incubation project of “Qilu Imprinting Original Mind”, and soliciting excellent party construction practices for the whole province (email address dzrbdj2020@163.com).Polished “essence to pioneer” brand party lead fu can develop high quality weifang dostict of tobacco monopoly administration (marketing) to implement the “three race” goal request, anchor “boutique fang smoke” development localization, polished “essence to pioneer” brand, build the party work “112345” framework, implementation to party brought the CPC, with the banner of the party building, we worked for party’s style of tree,To provide a strong organizational guarantee for the construction of high-quality Weichai Tobacco, the creation of “boutique Fang Tobacco”, and the promotion of the second transformation and upgrading of fang Zi tobacco’s high-quality development.Give prominence to political functions and do a good job in top-level design.Adhere to do a good job of party building as the biggest political achievements, focus on polishing the “fine · vanguard” party building brand, determine the “112345” party building work ideas: namely around “one goal” – “loyalty” goal;Implement “one requirement” — “precision” requirement;Build a “two-tier architecture” — build the “mother and child” brand system of general branch and branch;To carry out the “three practices” — building a “learning, service-oriented, innovative” Party organization;Activate the “four engines” — carry out the standardization construction of grassroots party branches, carry out the “three”, “three search” and “three ratio” activities, carry out the “Secretary project + listing” activities, carry out the “branch sword” activities;Promote the “five integration” — strengthen political leadership, promote the integrated development of “precise Party building”, “precision casting network building”, “precision monopoly”, “lean management” and “strong team”, further define the overall framework of Party building, deepen brand building, and steadily advance the long-term planning of work.Enrich the content and form of party history study and education.Build a “loyal” party building platform, build a party building culture corridor, strengthen the position construction.Rich content, through the “red music sounds” sing “red songs” “red” story “red film” look “reads” red “red house to write”, organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the series of activities, made solid progress party history study education, organized by topic study, 15 red education of various kinds of activities,We did 30 practical things for the people.Free for vulnerable groups of customers to make installation shop recruitment, equipped with counters, double screen machines, etc., to promote the continuous improvement of terminal construction to empower;We will increase counters for retail customers, increase subsidies for the construction of brand stores, strengthen the construction of civilized smoking environment, and continue to contribute to the construction of high-quality cities.We will strictly manage Party members and create a matrix of leading geese.Carry out the activities of “Secretary project + Hanging-out” and “Branch Sword discussion” to stimulate the “geese leading the flight, geese flying together;The red momentum of party members has been effectively released.We made solid progress in carrying out self-inspection of the “Two Rectifies”, completed 71 rectification tasks, and provided warnings and education on clean government to ensure the overall work.We will expand carrier forms and promote integration of the Party and industry.To further expand the party and business integration of the carrier, strengthen promotion “party + cigarette marketing” practice platform to create results, “the new practice of civilization model shop” is typical country the publication of party branch standardization standardization construction work 30 cases, rc (marketing) party named by city bureau (company) party committee advanced basic-level party in the city.(Reporter Wu Yonggong finishing) Learning, is a lifelong career, lifelong wealth.After the launch of the current political column “Cadres Learning Meeting” of Dazhong Daily client, cadres from all walks of life, such as party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities across the province, have enthusiastically submitted contributions (email address dzrb2020@163.com).Below are a selection of this week’s contributions.Every Party member and cadre has three accounts: political account, economic account and life account.Political account calculation direction, economic account gain and loss, life account value.For personnel engaged in financial work, this “three accounts” and has special meaning.Political ledger – thrift, careful budgeting, political consciousness in every penny.The CPC has gone through a glorious century-long journey, and its fine tradition of diligence and frugality should be passed down from generation to generation as the Party’s heirloom.Funding concerns the national economy and the people’s livelihood and the development of our cause. Every penny has political consciousness.As a financial workers, must remember “fiscal work must have money politics, must not have wealth without government” “to learn that in the digital policy” “determined number is decided policy”, from the political point of view the deepening understanding of financial work, in the practical work actively foster frugality, economical ways of thinking, strictly carry out financial work requirements,Actively play the role of financial management.Economic accounting – spend money efficiently, be accountable for inefficiency, and spend every penny on the right one.Financial personnel should give full play to the role of gatekeeping, firmly put the three passes: one is the budget preparation, set up a comprehensive budget performance management concept, based on department planning, unit functions and business development requirements, scientific preparation of the department budget, simultaneous establishment of a comprehensive, whole process, full coverage of the performance target system;Two is the allocation of funds, standing in the overall height, adhere to the “chess” guiding ideology, for different projects to grasp the different allocation of funds — related to the unit function to play the key task of funding priority protection, new or urgent project funding adjustment to solve, can spend can not spend the funds no longer arranged;Three is to submit an expense account audit, financial personnel should not only from the perspective of legal, compliance, reasonable three strict careful proof paper, ensure the safety of the funds used to the use of funds real early with budgeting in compares, summarizes reasons of deviation is bigger, earnestly implement the performance target appraisal system, which reversed transmission funds application and use of scientific and standardized, realize funds using closed loop management.Life account – stick to the principle, cultivate moral discipline, take the lead as an example of honesty and self-discipline.Financial cadres to establish three kinds of consciousness: one is the red line consciousness, must adhere to the principle, according to the rules and regulations in the first place, not flexible, not discount, build a solid “firewall”, tighten the “safety valve”;The second is to alert the consciousness, not only to respect the external power of iron discipline, but also to cultivate the inner consciousness and cultivation of “always walking by the river, is not wet shoes”, self-cultivation, self-discipline, resolutely resist bad temptation;Third, set an example, take the initiative to be a banner of honest positions, take the lead in knowing laws and regulations, abiding by discipline and rules, set an example, incorruptible, and strive to lead and infect a group of people by a person, to create a clean environment to contribute.