The girl went to her boyfriend’s house for the first time to pay a New Year’s visit

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On the eighth day of the lunar New Year, the company started its business, and the boss gave us a red envelope to restore our listless employees to work. Although the canteen master did not go to work, our meals were affected, but we did not complain, for the future and dreams, we immediately put into work.As the canteen master did not go to work, for those of us who are near home, we can go home to eat directly after work. For those in other places, we can either eat instant noodles or call take-out.Xiao Li and Xiao Liu from this company are a couple of young people who have just established a relationship. Xiao Li is a sister from Shaanxi province, and Xiao Liu is a native of Shanxi Province. She has a single parent family and lives with her mother.Listen to colleagues, eighth day xiao li is in the dorm to eat instant noodles, the ninth liu called xiao li went to his home for dinner at noon, it’s not reasonable to xiao li said that, let’s just established, the relationship between haven’t tell their parents, so go to your house too hasty, liu said: “I have given my mother said, are you coming home at noon to eat”, so, liu xiao li take his house for dinner.Xiao Li has no time to start. She buys two cartons of milk and some fruit.After dinner, Xiao Li in the circle of friends basked in a picture of the meal, the following netizens and our colleagues are not calm, comment area a discussion, some netizens actually said: silly girl quickly go home, can not marry.Let’s take a look at why and what dishes Xiao Li has posted.Fans comment on this dish, only fans, can not see the scallop meat, put a little caviar, garlic, this is clearly fooling people, said: Is not the Chinese New Year home fan shell did not throw, so do this dish.The crab is too small. Is there any meat in it?This must be cheap, just eat umami, no sincerity.In fact, there are many varieties of crabs, some crabs don’t look small, but there are a lot of crab roe.Netizen said: this dish is clear in make up the number, isn’t there a peanut on the table?Some people say, this is cold, there are cucumber, cherry tomato, there should be vinegar and other condiments, it looks good, the taste should be good, that is dry fried, not as good as the cold.Fourth: boiled food materials boiled food, there are squid, crab stick, fish tofu, small sausage, beef, sweet potato, konjac powder, mushrooms, spinach, fungus, etc., some say it is better to prepare a hot pot directly at home, better than this, chaotic of no appetite.Some netizens said that it is healthier to eat boiled water now.Here are two sauces for dipping and cooking.One is the sauce with sesame, sesame oil, garlic paste, MONOsodium glutamate, rice vinegar, aged vinegar, sugar, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, red oil, pepper and so on, and one is the dipping material with sesame, pepper, peanut chips and so on.Netizens also commented on the dish, saying it must be delicious to cook with water, but it should be cooked by one person, which is a bit unhygienic.”Meicai braised pork looks like leftover food,” said a netizen. “It should not be served on the table. It’s just contemptible.”Grape net friend said: the grape is put for a long time, not fresh at all, this is a dish for guests.The last one is a picture of three people clinking glasses, which looks very harmonious.It was the first time for Her to go to her boyfriend’s house for dinner, and it was also the Spring Festival. Even ordinary friends would not be treated like this, so the well-wishers in the comments section warned: “Silly girl, go home quickly. You can’t get married.”Later, I heard the reason from my colleagues in the department.Xiao Liu didn’t tell his mother that he was going to take Xiao Li to dinner at home. He wanted to give his mother a surprise, so he went home and didn’t prepare anything.So liu mother took xiao liu scolded 1, see can not eat, want to go out to eat, xiao li is also a girl that appear, feel to feed a family, a divorced woman with a child grow up is not easy, certainly thrift is inevitable, they said the food is quite good, blaming don’t like to eat out, just like the taste of home.Later when he left, Xiao Liu’s mother gave Xiao Li a big red envelope of 2000 yuan. It seems that she likes this girl very much and identifies this daughter-in-law. What do you say?You can join us in the comments section.