This Asian country is great!The US and Russia have been surprised by the sky-high sales orders

2022-05-04 0 By

In recent years, one Asian country seems to be on the rise in the arms sales market. Its arms sales have repeatedly hit new highs, and its arms export share in the global market has rapidly increased from 0.9% to 2.7%, ranking ninth in the latest global ranking.As a rising star, it is very bold, in the face of the United States and Russia, the two arms sales market overlord, not afraid, grab orders when that is no one, it is South Korea!Recently, South Korea and signed a value of 22.1 billion yuan of sales orders, this order was precipitated by South Korea’s President, wen Yin directly, the previous article in Yin, during a visit to the united Arab emirates, that want to strengthen the air defense system, and he duly recommended south Korean bow – 2 “day” air defense missile system, both sides hit it off, clinch a deal immediately.The United States has lobbied the UNITED Arab Emirates to buy its Patriot air defense missile system, which is halfway to South Korea.This is another humiliation for the UNITED Arab Emirates, which recently cancelled an order for American F-35 fighter jets and bought French Rafale fighter jets, both of which the United States will have to digest for a while.Russia also has a variety of frustrations. It was confident that Turkey and Saudi Arabia purchased S-400 air defense systems successively, but the UAE did not have any problems here. However, It still lost to South Korea’s Tiangong-2, which is based on Russian S-350 Warrior air defense system.In 2021 alone, South Korea sold nearly $1 billion worth of 30 K-9 self-propelled guns to Australia, two missile frigates to the Philippines, and several T-50 trainers to Thailand.It is said that South Korea’s annual arms sales have exceeded 3 billion dollars since 2013, and well-known companies such as Hyundai and Daewoo are also deeply involved in the military industry.Why is South Korea’s arms sales so flourishing and selling so widely?To put it simply, its secret is differentiation. South Korea pays special attention to low price and cost-effective route for arms sales. It has precise positioning, and makes a breakthrough in the middle and low-end market.The Tidal class supply ships, for example, are British-designed and Korean-built.In addition to entering western markets, South Korea’s arms sales overlap with China’s target market, which is favored by Thailand and the Philippines because of its use of Western technology and relatively low prices. Southeast Asia is Where China’s arms sales are located.China is proud of the fact that most of its weapons are developed independently, and South Korea can easily get stuck in importing parts from western countries.We need to circumvent the shortcomings of the Korean arms sales system and learn from its success, because we can progress faster by learning from our competitors.