Canon Zhuhai has been accused of malicious compensation for its job cuts, sparking heated discussion among netizens.

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Canon, a giant in the camera industry, has gone on a hot search because its plan to lay off employees has exploded on the Internet, with some people angrily praising the company and others criticizing its malicious compensation.Canon zhuhai on recently published the announcement of the closed production line, the announcement said the decision, is due to a sharp contraction in the global camera market, and the disease, coupled with the upstream chip supply constraints, as well as the impact of the smart phone, makes the company’s business is facing unprecedented difficulties, Canon zhuhai eventually had to choose to terminate the company production, and then shut down the production line.High compensation “malice” at the same time, a copy of signed by Canon zhuhai co., LTD. “about consensus remove labor contract announcement of preferential treatment scheme in widely circulated on the Internet, according to the announcement of the given compensation, according to the plan includes economic compensation, special gift, employment support gold, bei remembered bonuses and consolation money during the Spring Festival and so on five parts,Such compensation was evaluated by the majority of netizens as conscience enterprises.Later, Canon China also confirmed the authenticity of the compensation plan, and said that the plan given in the announcement is only a standard, the situation of each employee is different, and is currently negotiating with each employee.According to the employee, he was paid between 7,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan a month and received about 250,000 yuan in compensation, while a colleague who had worked for 30 years received 1.5 million yuan in compensation.After reading this compensation, I can deeply feel that the temperature of an enterprise is the reason for employees to stick to it!Canon’s compensation to zhuhai employees, which goes far beyond the labor law, should have been something worthy of recognition.Even because of the sluggish market, Canon did not sacrifice the interests of employees, but gave as many benefits as possible, which reminded many netizens of the well-known slogan: “Canon, always moved.”Canon zhuhai compensation scheme, however, has brought some netizens accused, they regard it as a “malicious compensation”, is the domestic workers and the compensation of the harmonious and stable relationship between enterprise’s provocations, deliberately driving up the standards for compensating for domestic enterprises “disrupt” the normal market environment and order, and had a very bad head.Clearly, this evaluation is very unfair, also is a kind of hurt, to employees for compensation is an enterprise’s matter, as long as not in violation of state law, it should be allowed to enterprises according to their own conditions to develop compensation scheme, and from the point of view of the company, Canon and no malicious compensation of reason, and standing on the point of view of employees,Who doesn’t wish they could get more reward and compensation!Proudly Canon Canon can come up with something so compensation scheme, at the end of the day or itself is not bad money, as one of the neck to neck with nikon DSLR pair, Canon with precision optical technology, has the pricing power of the industry, most pricing across, and that maybe that enterprises make correct posture, with the core competitiveness, high-profit bring generous welfare.However, no matter how excellent the enterprise is, it will inevitably encounter difficulties that cannot be overcome. In the context of the continuous impact of smart phones on the traditional camera industry, the living space of cameras is getting narrower and narrower, and the shipment is getting lower and lower. The traditional camera enterprise can be said to be on the edge of collapse.Canon zhuhai, founded in 1990 with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, is Canon’s only production base for digital cameras, camcorders, image sensors and lenses in mainland China. Its closure means Canon has moved camera production out of mainland China.The withdrawal of Canon Zhuhai is the epitome of the whole Canon Business in China. The defeat of the old camera hegemon can be said to be the tears of an era. Although the withdrawal was unavoidable, Canon made such a decision to compensate its employees in such a bad economic environment.On the other hand, a large number of domestic factories, before layoffs can be said to be a chicken feather, such as good at cutting a knife to fight more, raid the employee seat, vigorous layoffs, the probation period is not to be regular, performance of more than 80 points to have compensation, eating is to have more ugly.As a matter of fact, every company may fail at some time, which is related to the choice of market and enterprise operation. Canon voluntarily chose to provide generous compensation to employees, which not only left a good impression on people, but also did not offend employees. This is indeed a quality worthy of many domestic enterprises to learn from.And those who maliciously smear Canon is the real malicious plot, ulterior motives, should be worth our vigilance!