Fast Chinese New Year, breakfast do not forget to eat it, very high nutrition, warm stomach stomach, eat every day is not greasy

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Hello, fellow net friends good morning, overnight, the pavement of snow accumulation, knows that not cold cold snow, snow basically is below 5 degrees Celsius, these days my pet huddled together, children and her husband were reluctant to get up, want to sleep late in the morning, don’t want to go out to eat breakfast in the morning, is simply a cooked breakfast.Since we work in a big city, at the end of the twelfth lunar month every year, we will pack our bags and go back to our hometown. We only have less than 10 days’ rest time to reunite with our families and make them happy.We all know that breakfast is very important, although there is no need to work overtime, but also need to supplement nutrition and energy, especially with children and the elderly at home, we must eat some healthy breakfast.The weather turned cold, you need to eat more breakfast warm food, and it takes time to go out to buy breakfast, and buy back is cool, eat steamed stuffed bun and steamed bread, not to eat it, it is whose osmanthus pumpkin balls, mainly glutinous rice powder, pumpkin and whose, practices is very simple, eat can be stored in the refrigerator, whose collocation and brown sugar, drink up soft waxy thick,It’s a beautiful color, sweet and delicious, so delicious, my kids love it.Today, I’m going to share the details of how to make this sweet osmanthus pumpkin meatball. Learn these tips to make sure the whole family will enjoy it.Fast Chinese New Year, breakfast do not forget to eat it, very high nutrition, warm stomach stomach, eat every day is not greasy.Choose and buy ingredients: prepared glutinous rice flour 200 grams (must be white color, very dry), rice wine right amount, a little pumpkin mud (pumpkin mud is steamed with old pumpkin crushed), 9 red dates, medlar right amount, brown sugar, osmanthus a little, a number of water, others.Detailed production steps: first: first of all, the pumpkin pot steamed and crushed, put into a larger container, add 200 grams of glutinous rice flour, add a little warm water, the glutinous rice flour knead into a dough, all divided into some small balls.Second: pumpkin glutinous rice flour into balls, on the chopping board next to eat can be put in the refrigerator, soup pot with a few clean red dates, is a little rice wine boiled.Third: wait for the rice wine to boil until flowering, the soup becomes sweet, the pumpkin balls into the pot, medium heat to boil it until floating.Fourth: pot with some medlar to embellish, add the right amount of brown sugar to melt, finally water starch thicken, so the soup is very thick, there is a strong aroma of wine.Fermented osmanthus pumpkin balls soup is a nutritious breakfast with very simple ingredients. The pumpkin balls are very delicate, soft and delicious. When cooked with fermented wine and brown sugar, they taste especially sweet, nourishing and healthy, making the stomach more comfortable and benefiting from early eating.Do you know how to make this fermented osmanthus pumpkin meatballs?(Full text with photo from Internet)