How do people react to multiple rounds of Western sanctions against Russia?

2022-05-05 0 By

On March 14, the European Union decided to launch a new round of sanctions against Russia.How have the lives of Russian people been affected by multiple rounds of Western sanctions?What do people think of western sanctions?Visit with reporters from the front desk.On May 15, local time, correspondents from the Front desk came to the Gum department store in Moscow’s Red Square.The mall, which used to be crowded with people, was deserted as businesses announced their withdrawal from the Russian market and many stores closed.McDonald’s near Red Square has also suspended operations.For now, a well-known cosmetics chain in Russia is still open as normal, foreign brands can be seen on the shelves.Some foreign cosmetics are now in stock because many companies have pulled out of the Russian market, but there are also many local brands for consumers to choose from, staff said.The reporter observed that the supply of goods in the supermarket is sufficient, but some goods, such as salt, sugar, toilet paper, appear short sale on the shelves, a small number of goods prices rose.One shopper said pans were selling for 150 rubles when he came less than a week ago, but had now risen to nearly 300 rubles.While some citizens say the sanctions have not affected their lives for the time being, others say their incomes have fallen sharply.Several rounds of Western sanctions have had many effects on Russia: the rouble has fallen, food prices have risen and several brands have withdrawn from the Russian market.However, most people do not react strongly to the sanctions and expect better things in the future.Source: China Media Group CCTV News client process editor: TF060