Pass “Chinese brew the world fragrance” with poem wine, gujing tribute wine makes traditional culture “burn”

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This article is transferred from: People’s Daily online Gujing Gong Wine · Vintage original vintage 20 named “2022 Chinese Poetry Conference”.Recently, the third program of “2022 Chinese Poetry Conference” exclusively named by Gujing Gongjiu · Vintage Original Plasma Gu20 was broadcast on CCTV as promised.In addition to once again spreading Chinese culture to the world and passing on the beauty of Chinese poetry culture, we also reviewed many “high burning” moments with the audience under the theme of “Burning”, and felt “flying with emotion and high ambition” together. While strengthening cultural confidence, we passed on the common emotion and spirit.Since 2016, the Chinese Poetry Conference has been held for seven consecutive sessions, leading the public to regain the ancient poetry culture with extensive participation, rich cultural nature and distinct epochal nature.The theme of the 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference is “burning”, which means the state of being positive, full of sunshine and blood, the passion of unremitting pursuit of dreams, the courage and stubbornness to be the first.Five thousand years of Chinese gave birth to the magnificent poetry culture, the ancient poetry from the history of the passage of time, the world, human, bearing, style is still for the future generations into more “burning” power.In the view of the industry, there are common characteristics between the gujing Gong wine of the Eight famous Old wines and the brand tonality of the 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference.In September 2018, The Guinness World Records officially certified that “Nine brew Method” of Gujinggong liquor was awarded the world record of “the oldest distilling formula in the world”, which was also the first successful application of the Guinness World Records by the Chinese liquor industry.Nine Brew Laws.The “Nine Brew methods” of Gujing Group were collected in Jia Sixie’s Qimin Yaoshu, dating back more than 1800 years.Eastern Han Dynasty jian ‘an years, Cao Cao home bozhou production of “nine brew spring wine” into the xian emperor Liu Xie, and the table shows the nine brew spring wine.As a major brand of Gujing gong wine, “Nine brew method” has been endowed with both cultural and technical values.”Century-old cellars produce good wine”, the older the cellars, the more “golden”.Gujing Tribute wine cellar in Ming and Qing Dynasties originated from Gongxing Cellar In 1515, the 10th year of Zhengde in Ming Dynasty. The cellar mud contains more than 600 kinds of beneficial microbiota, which is a national key cultural relic protection unit.In 2019, Gujing invested a 5 billion yuan insurance policy for the pit.Wang Zijin, then the president of the Chinese History Research Association of Qin and Han Dynasties and a professor at renmin University of China, said that the bozhou ancient cellar pool was included in the national security unit due to its good preservation, complete shape and system, and long use, and the gujing gongjiu wine had the basic conditions to occupy the superior position in the wine production group.Therefore, Gu Jinggong undertook the cultural responsibility of reviewing, summarizing and understanding the history of wine.Ancient well tribute wine cellar.The brewing method of gujing thousands of years ago, which gujing Group provided for “burning”, nourished gujing people on the one hand, and passed on and carried forward by Gujing people on the other hand, and continued to “burning”.This year marks the 25th year that Liu Guoying, anhui province’s “National model worker”, has been working in Gujing, from a grass-roots technician to the director of the technology center.She has presided over and participated in the completion of more than 20 projects of research and new product development, and a number of research results are at the leading level in both domestic and international.In terms of brand image, Gujing Tribute Wine “held hands” with CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 7 years, and launched the corresponding “New Year’s Eve” products, and the “New Year culture” strategy has gradually gained popularity.From the peach Blossom Spring Music Festival, autumn brewing ceremony, to the cultural tour, and then around the positioning of Chinese wine city, Gujing Gong to create gujing wine culture museum, Chinese liquor science museum, wuji wine cellar, etc.Through a variety of carriers, the ancient Jinggong makes culture more three-dimensional and perceptive, giving more vitality and development force on the basis of the cultural foundation of thousands of years.In terms of brand trademarks, in November 2021, “Vintage Original Pulp” was identified as China’s well-known trademark by the State Intellectual Property Office.So far, Gujing has owned “Gujing”, “Gujing Gong”, “year original pulp”, “Yellow Crane Tower” and “old Bright light” five Well-known trademarks in China.In 2016, Gujing Gong Wine and Yellow Crane Tower wine signed a strategic cooperation agreement.Yellow Crane Tower wine is the only famous Chinese wine in Hubei province. It won the gold medal in the national liquor competition in 1984 and 1989.In 2021, Gujing Gong Wine and Mingguang Wine signed a strategic cooperation agreement.In December 2021, old Mingguang brewing technique was selected into the sixth batch of provincial intangible Cultural Heritage list.Gujing Tribute wine has joined CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 7 consecutive years.Liang Jinhui, party secretary and chairman of Gujing Group, once said in public that “baijiu is a Chinese characteristic product rich in Traditional Chinese culture and inheriting Chinese spirit. It is the obligation and responsibility of Chinese baijiu enterprises to build the brand image of Chinese baijiu as a big country.”Overall performance, On March 10, Gujing Gongjiu released performance bulletins, 2021 revenue of about 13.271 billion yuan, an increase of about 28.95% over the same period last year;Net profit was about 2.291 billion yuan, up 23.54% from the same period last year.At the spring opening ceremony of gujing Tribute Wine · vintage raw liquor in 2022, Liang Jinhui, Party Secretary and Chairman of Gujing Group, stressed that 2022 is a key year for The “14th Five-year plan” of Gujing Group, and an important year for “winning 20 billion yuan and forging ahead among the top three”.(Wang Zhenzhen)