Purslane produces a solid color flower in the summer sun

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Purslane produces solid-colored flowers in the summer sun. Purslane is a heat-resistant, high-maintenance flower native to the arid tropical regions of southern North to South America.Purslane is so resistant to heat and drought that it can blossom robustfully even in high summer sunlight.You can buy flower seedlings for planting, or propagate through bud insertion. Planting is suitable for May to June.The stems of purslane spread out close to the ground, so leave plenty of room to grow.Purslane grows well in the sun, but not in the shade.Purslane is afraid of overwatering and needs to be watered after the surface of the pot is dry.If the plant is overgrown, trim it so it looks better when it blooms.Purslane is not hardy enough to overwinter.