Puwei Town, Miyi County, Sichuan Province: a yi district market supervision

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China quality news dispatch (reporter Gareth kung) on January 30, is also the day before the New Year’s eve, reporters came to mr.zhang miyi county, sichuan province pocketwizard town, had an interview with the most basic regulation of the market supervision system, and follow them in the villages and towns market has carried on the inspection tour, in order to ensure the people live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Puwei Town, located in the northwest of Miyi County, has continuous mountains and an altitude of 1680-2500 meters. The forest coverage rate reaches 80%.Puwei town is full of sunshine, abundant rainfall, annual average temperature of 14-16℃, rich in fruits and vegetables, known as “Panxi first fruit town”, tourism and health industry in recent years to develop rapidly.The Puwei Market Supervision Office has three offices on a small street in the town.Director Wang Hongwei told reporters that there are four people in the institute, three men and one woman, two of whom are more than 50 years old. Because of the implementation of regional management, puwei Town Market Supervision institute also has to manage bapo and Maliong two Yi townships, with an area of more than 730 square kilometers and a population of more than 33,000 people.The objects of supervision are food, medicine, catering, canteens, department stores, special equipment and other large and small production and operation of nearly 300 households.Wang hongwei said: “usually very busy, the four of us have to correspond to more than 10 departments of the county bureau work tasks, so the staff is too few!”The driver and attendant Xiao Song said that the equipment in the firm was also lagging behind. The only “southeast” car was heavy, small in displacement, old and in poor condition.’There’s a small winery on the hill,’ Mr. Wang says with a laugh. ‘Twice we tried to check it out, but the road was so steep that the wheels were grinding up to smoke, and the car couldn’t climb it!’They tried their best to do the work well in spite of the simple conditions.In order to have a clear base and clear situation, they made a big list of the basic situation of supervision in the area and made it on the wall of the office corridor.”This practice, last year, the provincial bureau of food supervision department leaders to inspect the work, also praised us.”Wang Hongwei proudly introduced.(Wang Hongwei is introducing the list of the jurisdiction) Reporters see, on the desk, rows of documents and files neatly arranged, a newly handled food small business registration certificate on the top, showing the market supervision of the “nerve end” of the daily work state.(driver and clerk Song Xuejie’s office) Wang Hongwei told reporters that in 2021, the whole office investigated and dealt with all kinds of illegal cases 18, have all closed, a total fine of 1400 yuan, fully standardized the market operation order.”Let’s go to the market!”When the party reached the market more than 100 meters away, they found the market area, about half the size of a football field, very busy, with various stalls and goods in full view. Thousands of Yi and Han people were shopping for various Spring Festival supplies.Many stallholders and the masses and supervision of the people are old acquaintances, have taken the initiative to Wang Hongwei and others.But after the smile, Wang Hongwei and others immediately serious, on the market goods began to carefully check, especially for food is particularly hard.(corner of market) “Sell this kind of packaged food, must pay attention to the shelf life ha!”At several small food stalls, this was the most common sentence uttered by supervisors.At a store selling frozen meat products, Wang hongwei said, “Frozen meat products are now the focus of our monitoring because of COVID-19.”He also spotted a problem at once: “The frozen chicken feet can’t be left open like this. You need to cover them with something!”The female boss nodded yes, immediately took the gauze net to cover it.Then, Wang Hongwei and his party checked the purchase tickets, and repeatedly emphasized to the boss the policies and regulations and matters needing attention during the epidemic.In front of a fish stall, Wang hongwei and others checked the varieties of several fish, inquired about the channel of purchase of the fishmonger, confirmed that there was no wild fish, and told the fishmonger not to sell wild fish.The fishmonger said, “I know, I know!”(Inspecting the fish stall) “The Yangtze River has banned fishing and broken the chain. Now it is also our daily work.”Wang hongwei said….The sixth day, the reporter made a phone call to Wang Hongwei: “What is the situation during the Spring Festival?””Everything is fine!”We didn’t take a break during the Spring Festival,” Wang said. “We all took shifts.”