How much does it cost to reapply for a passport in Philippines? (Can YOU reapply for a passport in Philippines?)

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When we are in Manila passports later, if we are under the situation of tourist visa in the Philippines is unable to go to the embassy for a passport, can fill do two year period travel permit, if there are 9 g work visa embassy and under the condition of the business license is the passport to fill do, but you must remember to can’t go to the embassy to deal with in the form of cheating,Ask for truthful information.A:Under what circumstances can we reapply for a passport in the Philippines? Yifei summarized several situations below, we can go to the Chinese Embassy to reapply for a passport. The first situation is that you have a 9G work visa in the Philippines, and the second situation is that you can reapply for a marriage certificate with Fei in the Philippines.Again a SRRV retirement visa is under the condition of the Philippines, and their children, the last one is the passport expire, take the old passport to the embassy, change new passport, above this kind of situation are now deal with a passport can go to the Philippines embassy fill do, in other words, if the absence of these data,Fill in the embassy do certificate to come down 100 percent is travel card, this everyone should remember, fill the time of passport is a bit longer, need 15 working days left and right sides.2. Reissue of a Travel permit to the PhilippinesIs very simple, to fill do a travel permit now during the outbreak can through Chinese consulate app, upload your real information and data, the passport page, positive and negative identity card, and because of what a lost passport, then go to the bank fees, or go to the embassy to sign information fees,If you feel it is too troublesome to handle, you can directly hand it over to us to handle it for you. It is convenient and fast. We can handle the urgent travel certificate for you.No matter the passport or travel certificate to be reapplied for, the follow-up business needs to be done, that is, the connection of the previous passport, the travel certificate or passport stamped, the aviation certificate and exit and entry records. After completing these materials, the ECC clearance of the travel certificate should be carried out when you return to China.If you have lost your passport while living in the Philippines, and you are not good at English, you can directly contact our customer service, we will ask Fei to take you to help with the whole process, our Yifei will solve all the problems of the Philippines.The article is reprinted from (yifei business Travel official website)