How to adjust the radiator temperature size

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Start by finding the radiator’s temperature control button, which is usually numbered.Generally only need to rotate the button to “5”, you can maximize the opening of radiator inlet.This also means that the temperature of the radiator is the highest, if you need to reduce the temperature, you can turn the switch in the opposite direction.What are the advantages and disadvantages of radiator?Radiator advantages: 1. Heating speed is very fast: in most cases, radiator can emit a certain amount of heat in about ten minutes, thirty minutes can reach the required temperature.2 radiator in the decoration of the ground material no requirements: installation radiator, no matter what the ground is made of, can be installed at will.3 can save time: radiator in use, can effectively save time.You can turn it on if you want, or turn it off if you want.4. Radiator is very suitable for young people who just entered the job, because the installation does not need to go through any complicated procedures.The disadvantages of radiator: 1. Radiator will occupy space in the home: because radiator has a certain size, so when in use will occupy a certain position in the home.2. The comfort level is not so good: Because the radiator rises the temperature at an amazing rate, the comfort level will be worse than other devices.What if the heating is not hot?Half hot and half not hot: this is because the radiator group has air, need to open the exhaust valve to vent, until the water out.On the upper side of the radiator, there is an exhaust valve that can be adjusted with a screwdriver.By rotating counterclockwise to release the air in the heater, the heater can become hot.Heating is hot when not hot: this situation is mainly because the hot water flow of each radiator is not uniform, or the distribution of internal resistance is not uniform, the need to adjust each radiator inlet valve.