Latest road conditions: The entrance of toll stations on the West business section of Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway and the Blue Business Section of Fuzhou-Silver Expressway are closed

2022-05-06 0 By

This article from: news network news: shangluo shangluo 7 am on January 28th, the reporter learns from shaanxi province transportation 12122 WeChat, up to now, affected by the rain and snow weather, part of the highway toll station entrance closed in shangluo, live traffic is as follows: the shanghai-shaanxi expressway west shang period of banqiao, waist, shangluo city, south station entrance closed.The entrance of Languan, Wangchuan and Gepai toll stations in lanshang section of Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway was closed, and vehicles heading for Shangluo direction were diverted from Bailuyuan interchange K1632 to Bailuyuan toll station.