Liaoning tragedy: large truck maintenance after the driver did not look under the vehicle started to run over the repairman killed

2022-05-06 0 By

Liaoning Panjin a large truck driver Zhang driving vehicles, in panshan county in front of a repair factory repair, maintenance, Zhang did not observe the surrounding situation, driving start.Who knew there was a repairman under the car, repairman was crushed to death.In February 2022, it was learned from the court that Zhang was sentenced to probation for traffic accident.Zhang, 43 years old, lives in Panjin, Liaoning.The same day 9:10 xu, Zhang in Panshan county in front of an auto repair car, driving large trucks, starting from the west to the east, due to neglect to view, the car under the repairman Fan crushed to death.Panshan County public Security Bureau traffic management brigade identified, Zhang assumed full responsibility for the accident, fan no responsibility.After the incident, Zhang took the initiative to the public security organs to surrender.After the incident, Zhang mou actively compensates the victim’s economic loss of RMB 110,000 yuan, and obtained the victim’s understanding.Panjin City xinglong Tai district bureau of justice to zhang made pre-trial social investigation, the bureau thinks zhang is in line with the conditions of community correction, the application of non-imprisonment penalty.Panjin City Panshan county court to hear the case, Zhang violation of road traffic safety management regulations, driving motor vehicle starting driving, not in accordance with the operating standards of safe driving, resulting in the victim Fan was crushed to death, and bear the full responsibility of the accident, should be prosecuted with traffic crime its criminal responsibility.Zhang department surrendered, can be lighter punishment;It shall actively compensate the economic losses of the victim and obtain understanding, and may be given a lighter punishment as appropriate.The court sentenced him to nine months in prison, suspended for one year.Comment: after maintenance, I believe zhang’s mood must be particularly relaxed.But when the focus on safety is relaxed, it can be tragic.Dead car bottom maintenance worker fan mou, with his own life again for all traffic participants sounded the alarm.Security is always a “red line” that cannot be crossed.