Serie A, AC Milan vs Sampdoria, can AC Milan seize the chance to go top?

2022-05-06 0 By

Beijing time 2️ 19:30pm, 13th, serie A round 25, AC Milan host Sampdoria.Napoli and Inter ended the race for the top yesterday, the two teams drew, each with 1 point, Inter did not widen the gap, which gave AC Milan the chance to see if AC Milan can seize the opportunity to top the league.AC Milan league has 16 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses 52 points, less than Inter 2 points, less than Naples 1 point, this game as long as sampdoria win 3 points, can lead both to the top of the table, so this game, AC Milan team are high.The team has won two games in a row, two crucial matches, one is the Milan Derby, the other is the Coppa Italia, both wins have greatly improved the morale of the team, the previous period of low.Sampdoria are 16th in the league, three points above the relegation zone, with six wins, five draws, 13 losses and 23 points.Fortunately, the team beat Sassuolo 4-0 last game to end a five-game losing streak.The team’s performance this season is still very serious, the season so far and the current top six teams to win difficult, all the visits to the end of the defeat, Sampdoria pressure ability is not good, there is not much to contend with the strength of the capital.The two teams nearly four times, AC Milan won three wins and one draw, in the absolute upper hand, both teams from the strength or war, AC Milan are dominant, as long as AC Milan team as one, not to underestimate the enemy, beat Sampdoria to reach the top of the league or relatively easy.