State Grid Loudi Power Transformation and Maintenance Company: do a good job of equipment live detection and build a strong grid security barrier

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Rednet moment Loudi March 24 news (correspondent Liu Lu) “when receiving the current signal, pay attention to keep a safe distance.”Thunderstorms are in season as the earth returns to spring.On March 23rd, the State Grid Loudi Substation maintenance Company organized the “Electric Steed” Communist Party service team to test the resistive current of the lightning arrester in the 220 kV on-board transformer, and do a good job in the live detection of the equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.Time of thunderstorm season now, its spring of loudi LiZhua substation maintenance company, combining with the characteristics of seasonal production safety, aims to carry out precise infrared temperature measurement, lightning arrester resistance current, high voltage switchgear charged and charged partial discharge of GIS charged partial discharge detection work, timely find hidden perils and troubles station equipment, lifting equipment lean production management level.”Live detection, that is, maintenance personnel use sensing technology and micro-electronic technology to test the equipment in operation,” said Yang Yi, the principal.”Through the 63 substations under the control of equipment live detection, maintenance personnel can timely find equipment hidden dangers and hidden development trend, guide the best maintenance time of equipment, and thus avoid accidents caused by faults.”At shangdu substation site, according to the actual work, the testing personnel clearly defined the detection scope, division of responsibilities and implementation requirements of infrared temperature measurement of substation equipment, live station discharge detection of high-voltage switchgear and live GIS detection.The test personnel used portable detection instruments to carry out infrared temperature measurement on the primary equipment of the whole station, carried out resistive current test item by item on the lightning arrester of 220 kv and 110 kV site to monitor its operation data, and carried out local discharge test on the 10 kV switch cabinet in the station.After the completion of the work, the test personnel will collect the data for analysis and evaluation, and for each defect to give a test report and professional advice, a comprehensive grasp of the station operating equipment health level.At present, the work is steady progress has been completed in their jurisdiction cross the change, the royal family change, yongfeng 7 220 kv station, such as cao cao change, large families and high stream 17 110 kv station and spring stream change, double river five charged detection work, 35 kv substation equipment critical severe defects five, 10 in general defects,Now the critical and serious maintenance work has been combined with power outage all handled.It is understood that in the next stage, The State Grid Loudi Substation maintenance Company will carry out live detection of the remaining substations under its control, track and monitor the defects found in the test, summarize and analyze them and deal with them in time to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment in the thunderstorm season.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original