A letter home from the “color Hall” to mom

2022-05-07 0 By

Dear mother: you old ankang!Time flies, blink, I have entered the society, participated in the work.In fact, the heart has been brewing this letter for a long time, but delayed completion.I think today is the day. Yes, today!Express gratitude to your mother in a letter.From the time I was born, to the time I was a toddler, to the time I could read, to the time I was an adult…I spent every day, in the face of every thing, every setback, every success, are inseparable from my mother’s care, earnestly teach, patient encouragement, and unconditional praise and comfort, even if I do not do good enough, even wrong, my mother is still no regrets support me.Once I, confused, contradicted, rebellious, and even secretly behind resentment, do not know how much my mother sighed for me, how many tears, how much heart.In front of teachers, neighbors, colleagues and friends, I still retain a self-respect and self-improvement heart.All this, mom, you are silently bear in your heart, even if the sky is falling to resist for me.Gradually, I grew up, I understand, I understand…October womb grace heavy, sansheng repay light, mother to my parenting kindness, is my life in any case also repay.All those years at work, I barely spent time with my mom.Some are the phone, wechat, and even the phone, wechat time are very few, often busy after work in the dead of night, there are always deeply miss your mother.Mom, you take care of yourself. After all, time is no mercy. Don’t let me worry.Two days ago, I passed by a family and looked at the antique plaque of “Focusing on regulating the Classics and raising the beauty for three hundred years”. Instantly, it reminded me of my mother — night sweats, hair bifurcation, pale face, palpitations and dizziness…I never care about my mother, did not buy a medicine, I want to do a heart for your health in this way, so that you are healthy and beautiful.Into the museum of Traditional Chinese medicine, see: “North kun Dan, south color set,” the word signs, or the Palace secret recipe paste product.If the effect is good, call me, I will buy for you, let mother 47 years old back to 28 years old beautiful.It is the end of the year, THIS Spring Festival I will go home, let our family spend the New Year, bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, looking forward to the coming year our family thriving, happy and healthy.I wish my mother a long life and always look good!All right, I’ll leave you there.Best regards!I love you forever!