Bohu, Xinjiang: Desert Culture and Tourism Festival promotes new development of rural revitalization industry

2022-05-07 0 By

On February 19, the first desert culture and tourism Festival in Bohu County of Xinjiang officially kicked off.Located in Bosten Lake Township of Bohu County, Ailxunula desert, tall and straight peaks, surrounded by clear water, there are lakes in the mountains, the lake has sand, set desert and water scenery in one.Rich and interesting cultural activities to attract visitors from all directions, with the noise of the motor, the wind sand, alongside an suv in the loose sand on race to the pursuit of speed, alternately subduction, and climbing, rolling sand waves and the scenery along the way, let the off-road enthusiasts and tourists field experience eiler desert ulla unique charm not only that,There are also desert sand skating, desert treasure hunting, painting exhibition and other interesting activities.Activities in various forms, rich cultural connotation, in addition to the opening ceremony held on the day of the wonderful artistic performance, there are a variety of beautiful things in eyes, inexpensive special snacks area, nang cultural exhibition area, agricultural and sideline products area, intangible cultural heritage tourism products (ethnic handicrafts) area and various fish banquet food area.Zhang Yuli, head of the agricultural and sideline products booth, said: “I will develop more agricultural products in the future, and recommend good products with good quality and affordable prices to tourists around the country, and make efforts and contributions to the development of bohu county tourism.”In the exhibition area, there are not only bosten Lake organic fish, chili sauce and other agricultural and sideline products, as well as grilled fish and other special snacks, but also handicrafts made by folk artists.A wide range of varieties, full of beautiful things in eyes, each booth in front of the surge of tourists to buy an endless stream.”Before I heard that bosten Lake scenery is beautiful, today I came to Bohu County Ailxunula Desert, is another surprise, and feel that Bohu County agricultural and sideline products, handicrafts are particularly many, but also do very good, very distinctive.””Said Zhang Zhengyang, a tourist from afar.”Agriculture + tourism”, let the good scenery into the villagers good “money scene”.At present, tourists travel to the countryside not only to see the beautiful scenery of the countryside, but also to taste the food of the countryside and buy the green organic agricultural and sideline products of the countryside.Taking advantage of the current situation, Bosten Lake Township, Bohu County, on the one hand, vigorously develops rural farm entertainment for tourists to enjoy and live in, and on the other hand, vigorously develops poultry feeding, fruit and vegetable planting and other related industries, so that local farmers and herdsmen can enjoy the dividends brought by the development of all-regional tourism.(Reporter: Nao Yongjun)