Carry the Red Flag and take responsibility to improve the quality and efficiency of power grid

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In recent years, The State Grid Jiaozhou Power Supply Company has focused on the requirements of “high-quality development”, strengthened the work concept of “strict and precise, steady, accurate and fast, high and precise first”, and carried out the action of “power grid construction + Party construction” centering on the key work of power grid construction, operation management, innovation and development.Under the strong leadership of the party committee in the company, the general cadre staff united, enterprising, broken problem, through the new road, on the power grid construction carry forward the “special can bear, especially can combat, especially can offer, especially responsible” spirit of tiejun, steady character overhead for breakthrough, ran out of the power grid construction “acceleration”, as the “difference” to open new bureau took a solid pace.Carry the flag to create excellence, pioneer.In 2021, the electric quantity sold by Jiaozhou Power Supply Company exceeded 4 billion mark for the first time and received a congratulatory letter from jiaozhou People’s Government.As the only result of five counties and cities in Qingdao, the “Demonstration Project of High Reliable Power Supply logistics Park of Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone” in Jiaozhou city was selected as the pilot project of “Shandong Provincial Government’s” 14th Five-year Plan for Rural Power Grid Consolidation and Improvement Plan “to build a demonstration project of digital transformation of rural power grid.Relying on the carrier of “Party building +”, the company has continued to expand the depth and breadth of the integration of Party building and power grid construction, and set up “G2 Tower Foundation Construction Responsibility Area for 220 kV Suntech Power Transmission and Transformation Project”, which has broken through 121 construction coordination difficulties and cleared 2,156 tree obstacles on the construction surface.The project Department of the owner of the distribution network was awarded the “top ten Standardization Project Department of the distribution Network Project in 2021” by Shandong Electric Power Company of State Grid.The new construction project of 10 kV bonded line A and B in Jiaozhou Airport Area of Qingdao invested by the company was awarded “Top 100 Projects of State Grid” and “High Quality Projects of Shandong Province”.Government and enterprise linkage, seek progress while maintaining stability.Major breakthroughs were made in the early stage of the government-commissioned construction of management corridors.The main leaders of Jiaozhou Power Supply Company led teams to contact the Shanghai Cooperation Management Committee and relevant government departments for many times, jointly with the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau and the Examination and Approval Bureau to quickly complete the approval of the trans-Shangde Avenue comprehensive pipe gallery project, coordinated the jiaozhou municipal government leaders to hold a special construction promotion meeting, and effectively solved the problems of municipal pipe gallery construction.To complete the construction plan and suggestion of jiaodong 500 kV Substation No. 4 Main transformer Expansion project;Completed the planning and selection of bihe 110 kV power transmission and transformation project, mineral overlay, water conservancy and other opinions;Eleven suggestions, including site planning and cultural relics, have been handled for the 220 kV aerial power transmission and transformation project.Outstanding achievements have been made in cooperation with major government projects in route relocation.Urge provincial company to hold review meeting for 220 kV line relocation of Evergrande and Wanyang project, confirm relocation plan and pass provincial company review.Completed the relocation of more than 30 municipal engineering lines such as Taihu Road and provincial Road 309, and assisted Jiaozhou Installation Branch in winning the bid for 20 external projects with a contract amount of 282 million yuan.Line relocation work by jiaozhou city people’s government commendation.The quality and efficiency of the project are improved simultaneously.Precision power attack territory coordination.Jiaozhou Power Supply Company made full use of 4 months to overcome difficulties and solve 8 remaining civil difficulties such as Suntech 220 kV access line project, coordinated the Kowloon office to complete compulsory foundation construction of G2 and T19, and completed the coordination task of 154 tower blocks in all non-relocation sections of the three main network projects under construction.Established daily contact mechanism with the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the unit responsible for the relocation of jiqingzhong Line, and completed 12 basic coordination tasks in total.Led the 110 kv Guangdong Road power transmission and transformation project, and won the provincial company’s first batch of power transmission and transformation quality quality project in 2021.According to the construction technology of state Grid high quality project, build 110 kv Quanying line reconstruction project safety and quality demonstration project.The 220 kV Suntech power transmission and transformation project has completed 65 bases of civil coordination, 63 bases of foundation construction and 51 bases of tower construction.The 110 kV Quanying line reconstruction project has completed 92 bases of civil coordination, 92 bases of foundation construction and 86 bases of tower, 100% of the milestone plan, with remarkable achievements in the project.We have been selected as one of the top 100 counties in line loss control for 7 times, and 10 power supply stations have been selected as one of the top 100 counties for 26 times. Our results are the highest in the past years. Our results of reducing loss doctors won the excellence award of the 10th Shandong Youth Innovation Competition.Integration innovation, all-round development.The company unswervingly takes the road of innovation and development, firmly believes in innovation and confidence, grasps innovation opportunities, climbs technological heights and solves development problems.Three invention patents were authorized. “Platform Line Control Based on Big Data” won the second prize of Shandong Province Big Data and ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Skills Competition. “Research on Collaborative Optimization Technology of” Source Network Load Storage “won the third prize of Shandong Electric Power Science and Technology Progress.The two cooperative management innovation achievements won the second prize of Shandong Province management innovation.Pay attention to the company’s credit risk prevention and control, actively communicate and report with relevant local government departments, effectively advance the risk control threshold, no trust-breaking behavior occurred throughout the year.1 employee was selected to participate in the centralized office of The State Grid Development Department and the State Grid Economic Research Institute, and led the preparation of the Head-head-level “Frontier Project Power Grid Construction Management Measures”, and the relevant results were highly evaluated by provincial and municipal companies.2 outstanding backbone employees were selected to participate in the centralized office of key work of “online power grid” and excellent performance pilot application of the provincial company, and the relevant work was highly appraised by the professional department of the provincial company.Source: Dazhong Daily