Chinese New Year of the Tiger, should start from “Changjin Lake Water Bridge”, to fierce, to burn

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Early on the first day of the New Year, I bought the watergate Bridge ticket and waited outside the cinema early.At eight o ‘clock in the morning, there were many people watching Watergate Bridge against the cold wind, some parents with their children, some couples snuggled up to each other, and some children helped the elderly.Watergate Bridge is truly a national film, and no sooner had it been released than it started setting records again.We have not seen this grand event for a long time!Just one film after its opening day, Watergate Bridge has taken in more than 500 million yuan, topping the box office charts of all Chinese New Year films.It was also the first opening day box office of Chinese history drama film.Early this morning, the official account of Watergate Bridge also released the status, in the new China’s seventh year of the Tiger, recalling the founding of the nation 72 years ago, for everyone, is full of significance.Starting the Chinese Year of the Tiger with Watergate Bridge also gives the moment its unique historical value.”Watergate Bridge” is also the first hot search of the New Year. In the past three hours, the number of views is 150 million, 310,000 discussions, and the data is still rising, with more and more people watching the movie, I believe watergate Bridge will create and break more records.For me, after watching watergate Bridge, the feeling is indeed more powerful than Chojin Lake.As the creators say, Watergate Bridge is more intense, more exciting, better looking, and more moving than Chosin Lake.First of all, Watergate Bridge is based on the story of “Three Bombings of Watergate Bridge”. Although the narration is not as grand as That of “Chojin Lake”, because it is the sequel of “Chojin Lake”, its heavy epic feeling is still there.We can still feel the story of Watergate Bridge echoing the story of Chosin Lake, so the sense of grandeur is not lost.However, a more specific story will certainly give the director more room to play, because the plot of the previous pit filling will be more complete, red scarf, goggles, qianli 1911 pistol, Bazooka…This one by one familiar intention, the audience can not stretch.Next, the fight scenes of “gate bridge” is very good-looking, scheduling not only bears the super good taste, director of fire it feels too much a few minutes director tsui hark martial arts version of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, the wanli scenes should be done director Chen kaige, the advantages of the three directors in the gate bridge, a more complete play out, see more enjoyable, blow out.Finally, it is touching.”Watergate Bridge” is the end, but also the beginning. I can’t reveal the plot, but I can tell you clearly that everyone’s fate is worth writing.Millions of people have watched Watergate Bridge and have given it high reviews.Some people are moved by the fate of Pinghe.Some viewers posted photos of themselves with tears in their eyes, which made people feel nervous.Some viewers brought their children with them when they saw Jangjin Lake, and this time they brought their children with them when watching Watergate Bridge.The two films gave children the same education and moved them.Some viewers said the Watergate Bridge was a tear gas bomb, and indeed, there were cries, sobs and sniffles during the movie.Everyone will be moved by the fate of the seventh company, but also because of the soldiers’ courage and fear of sacrifice and tears.The audience commented that he cried all the way through, and he thought it was the most powerful movie he had ever seen in his career.And praise “Watergate Bridge” directly canonized.There are also people who simply say, “Well played,” which sums up their feelings about the movie.In the tiger community, “Watergate Bridge” also caused a huge shock.In the film and television area, some netizens predicted that the box office of watergate Bridge would certainly rank among the top three in history.”Top three is too low. It will definitely be no. 1 in history.”Others, who had just watched the movie, posted messages in the community saying that there were no urine spots throughout the movie.I just finished reading it myself.He thinks Watergate Bridge is as good as its predecessor.The film has been shown, and reviews on various ticketing apps have been opened.Reviews of watergate Bridge were almost full of five stars.There are people everywhere with shocking, wonderful words to describe.The word “tear” can be seen everywhere.One even said he couldn’t find words to describe his feelings about Watergate Bridge.In the tao ticket, there are also many people expressed their views on the watergate Bridge.Someone in the audience suggested watching both together.Some viewers wrote a long composition, saying that today’s happy life did not come easily and urging everyone to cherish peace.The impact of Watergate Bridge is evident in its ability to infect so many audiences on its first day.The movie has just begun, but the story of Watergate Bridge cannot wait.I highly recommend you go into the theater and see this movie that will break countless records!