Henan will strengthen emergency preparedness and response to rain, snow and freezing weather

2022-05-07 0 By

February 6, epicenter wide net zhengzhou news (reporter Peng Hua) on February 6, the reporter learns from henan province emergency manage hall, in response to the 5th or the arrival of a new round of snowfall process arose during the night, in henan province has to deploy to prevent freezing weather rain and snow, will strengthen the emergency preparedness and emergency disposal, at the same time for the lunar New Year holiday will soon return to prompt the people.According to the henan Meteorological Bureau, due to the influence of cold air and the eastward movement of the plateau trough, there will be a light to moderate snow in the south of the Yellow River in Henan province from the night of February 5. Some counties and districts in Sanmenxia, Luoyang, Xinyang and Nanyang will have heavy snow.As the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, the return trip peak is coming.Rain and snow are prone to freezing disasters and icy roads, which bring safety hazards to people’s production, life and transportation.Henan province emergency manage hall, to do a good job in area south of Yellow River in henan province prevention to deal with the recent rain and snow freeze disaster weather, ensure the safety of the people life and property during Spring Festival travel peak in henan province government cold rain and snow freeze disaster emergency headquarters office has issued to prevent rain and snow weather should notice, provide guidance to related departments to actively.Local authorities should pay close attention to changes in rain and snow weather, organize relevant departments to discuss the possible impact, and issue disaster weather forecasts and warnings in a timely manner, and widely mobilize relevant departments and urban and rural residents to take precautions against the weather, the circular said.The circular stressed strengthening emergency preparedness and response, prepositioning necessary emergency response forces, materials and equipment based on early warning and weather trends, focusing on preventing and responding to disasters in road transportation, urban and rural development, urban public utilities, agriculture and rural areas.We will ensure the safety of people living in dilapidated houses, dangerous areas, mountainous areas and remote areas, as well as people living in clusters.The on-duty personnel of relevant departments at all levels must strictly perform their duties, standardize information receiving and reporting, promptly respond to rain and snow disasters or casualties and report in accordance with regulations and procedures at the first time.The henan provincial emergency management Department warned people not to climb unprotected mountains when visiting scenic spots, and to take protective measures when taking cable cars or other sightseeing vehicles.When driving, we should pay close attention to the weather change, check the vehicle equipment in advance, pay attention to whether the road is icy, and keep the distance between cars and slow down on the way.In addition, the production and operation units should increase the inspection and maintenance of facilities and equipment, take necessary anti-freezing measures for oil, water, heating and other equipment easily affected by low temperature, and check safety risks in advance.Outdoor construction units should strengthen the safety management of scaffolding and tower cranes on the construction site to prevent frozen water on the production site and equipment. If there is ice at the work site, the climbing operation should be suspended to prevent safety accidents.