On | “bride price farce” behind the urgent need to change customs

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On February 12, “Blogger says his girlfriend was forcibly dragged away because she couldn’t give 500,000 yuan as bride price” became a trending weibo search.The incident happened in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Police said the woman was dragged out of her house by the woman’s family.In recent years, there have been a lot of farces about women demanding huge bride price from their husbands, but behind these farces are more young men and women who feel overwhelmed by the huge bride price.Even some young men and women in love, have reached the stage of marriage, but because the man can not take the bride price demanded by the woman’s parents, or both sides can not negotiate on the bride price, finally broke up.Even if some men manage to scrape up enough to get married, such marriages are more uncertain than those without the bride price.This is because a man’s reluctance to scrape up a large betrothal price often alienates the relationship with the woman’s parents, especially when the couple has conflicts due to various trifles in life, the man is more likely to think of the bride price issue and blame the woman.On the other hand, the man often borrows money or loans to pay the bride price demanded by the woman, and after the two get married, the debt is very likely to be borne by the young couple, resulting in the poor life of the young family after marriage.In recent years, the phenomenon of “sky-high bride price” has repeatedly aroused social concern, but it has not found a good solution, and the underlying reason is the imbalance of male and female ratio, in the case of more men than women, “one woman hundred requests” will naturally boost the number of weddings.There are also some families with sons and daughters. The bride’s parents hope to pay for the high bride price demanded by the bride when their son marries by asking for the high bride price from the man.The issue of betrothal gift is, in the final analysis, a social problem that has been established by common practice. It is difficult to force and restrain it through national laws and regulations, but can only be guided and persuaded by changing customs.Rural areas have always been the “disaster area” to produce “sky-high bride price”, so changing customs should also start from rural areas.Specifically, in addition to increasing publicity and guidance in rural areas, let rural residents realize the negative consequences and social harm brought by “sky-high bride price”, but also through the development of village rules and regulations, with the power of moral supervision, to restrain and regulate the issue of “sky-high bride price” in rural areas.Of course, for some of the farce and tragedy caused by the bride price problem, then the relevant functional departments of the government should deal with how to deal with.As the news, men and women both parties are ready to get married, the results because of the dowry problem is not settled, her parents had forced the woman from the man away, it has been suspected of illegal, multiple might limit her personal freedom, for example, if the parents intervene on both sides of the marriage, also allegedly interfere in men’s and women’s freedom of marriage, etc., so local officials how to deal with is how to deal with.In the face of “sky-high bride price”, no one is the real winner, because the bride price bears debts, because the bride price hurts feelings, because the bride price affects the relationship between the two sides, which is not what we want to see, but also shows that it is necessary and urgent to keep away from the “sky-high bride price” through changing customs.Author: Yuan Guangwang Email: qilupinglun@sina.com