Redmi K50 2nd color unlock!The name “Silver Trace” was unveiled March 17

2022-05-07 0 By

The K50 flagship series will be released on March 17 at 19:00 PM, and as the launch time nears, officials are revealing more information about the new phone.On March 14, Redmi officially unveiled the K50’s second color scheme: “Silver Trace”.It is very beautiful and belongs to the enduring “futuristic” aesthetic.Redmi K50 second color unlock “silver trace” color matching uses gray as the main color, to “give texture to speed, as if the track of time flow”;The use of warm glass material, and can reflect the charming metal light;The camera with super black lens radiates sci-fi reverie.Overall good looks.In addition to this color scheme, a few days ago, Redmi officially released another color scheme for the K50 flagship series: Ink Plume.The main color of ink and feather is black, using a new nanocrystalline technology, quiet look low-key, as if a visitor from deep space, walking for thousands of years.As the light slowly passes, the meteorite crystals burst with energy, and the stars shine brightly.Technology and beauty coexist.In addition to the Redmi K50 design, the official also revealed some of the new configuration.According to published information, THE K50 “Breguet 9000 edition” is equipped with Samsung 2K straight screen with A PPI of 526, doubling clarity and directly obtaining DisplayMate A+ 16 straight screen records.In addition, the phone supports 160MHz WiFi 6, bluetooth and WiFi adopt a new isolation design, use bluetooth headset to play games, there is no need to worry about WiFi network delay.