The beginning of spring, with the melody of cello to start the journey of spring

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Spring language, but spring can wake flowers;Harp language, but the melody can intoxicate heart.The beginning of spring, a breeze, a cup of green tea, accompanied by a slow and elegant cello melody, the mood will be like a bright spring irradiation, warm and matchless.In this spring day, the cello deep feeling melody quietly moved our heart pool, let the soul of the bottom of my heart filled with tenderness, reverently accept this from the grace of spring and music.Today, xiaobian will start the journey of spring with the melody of cello.Toute Une VieJean Philippe Audin is a perfect combination of delicate and deep cello and guitar. This music flows out the melody of love. What is concentrated in this short music is human life, quiet and happy…PalladioEscala is a cello music combining classical music and electronic music. This music can bring us from reality to the picture described by music, and our mood will fluctuate with the melody. Let’s feel the integration of water and fire in this music.Although this song is “the song of ocarina”, the cello is gentle and graceful. Even if the heart is full of frustrations, it will dissipate with the sound…12 Children'S Songs Op.54X Lullaby in a StormHowever, this lullaby is a very powerful music, in this lullaby, we can hear the human heart the most original moved, wonderful cello will be the world’s most warm feelings of fusion, warm and clinking.DriveApocalyptica is a classical metal band, and it’s made up of four cellists who are classically trained, and they change the look of heavy metal, and in this song, they play it with four cellos,The original emotional and soulful cello becomes passionate in rock metal.In this soulful and delicate music, our hearts will unconsciously separate from the impetuous and noisy city life, and return to the pure state of self mind.Xiaobian hope you can relax in this soothing cello sound, comfortable through every moment of spring.