Weather science and technology to enable the Winter Olympics “food basket”

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Green hydropics leek growing happy, a few staff are busy harvesting, the park every day picking 2000 kg to 3000 kg “autumn and winter crop tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables have begun picking, and then through the distribution market unified disinfection, distribution, can directly for the Winter Olympics.Farmers in Daxianggezhuang township of Leting County, North China’s Hebei Province, Feb. 6, 2019, are sorting tomatoes for sale in Beijing.According to hebei Province “Vegetable Basket” product stable production and supply work plan “, the province’s meteorological departments continue to do facilities agricultural meteorological services, to ensure the Spring Festival and Beijing Winter Olympics vegetable supply.On January 20, a group of journalists from China Meteorological Office (CMA) walked into the vegetable greenhouse of the Shunzhai Melon and vegetable Planting cooperative in Gu ‘an county, Langfang city.Green hydroponic leeks grow happily, several staff are busy harvesting, the park every day to pick 2,000 kilograms to 3,000 kilograms.”Compared with the traditional leek, hydroponic leek growth cycle is short, a year can cut 10 stubble to 12 stubble, but the meteorological conditions are higher, meteorological technical personnel provide wind, warm, temperature and other suggestions, guide us to cope with low temperature weather science.”Shun zhai melon vegetables planting professional cooperative shed area director Wen Jianming introduced.Since 2021, the Hebei Provincial Facility Agrometeorological Center has carried out a number of scientific experiments by using the facility agrometeorological service demonstration shed and crop quality testing laboratory to enrich the scientific and technological connotation of the service.On January 14, the facility agricultural meteorological center of Hebei province organized staff to check the seedling situation of some facilities vegetable planting parks in Langfang city.This year, the center completed the solar greenhouse experiment, carried out the observation of the incubation period and meteorological conditions of powdery mildew in some crops, and studied the meteorological service indicators of powdery mildew prevention.To conduct experiments on pilose antler planting in solar greenhouse and provide suggestions on pilose antler management under different weather conditions;A service plan for the whole industrial chain of facility vegetables was developed, and meteorological indicators such as pre-dormancy and dormancy management and transformation and daily burning were applied to the service.Services such as forecast of suitable dormant period before production, management of shoot growth period during production, disaster prevention and post-production maintenance will be provided.Workers pick tomatoes at an agricultural planting base in Xingjiawan Town, Renze District, Xingtai City.Based on big data, artificial intelligence and smart weather, the Facility Agricultural Meteorological Center of Hebei Province is exploring the development of facility agricultural smart weather services.For example, for strawberry in Zhaofeng Agricultural Park of Langfang city and morchella in Langfang Normal University, we carry out and apply smart services based on cloud edge.In Tangshan, Chengde, Hengshui and other places, meteorological departments, together with agricultural and rural departments, have organized meteorological experts and agricultural technicians to carry out technical guidance in the fields or through remote video, strengthen the management of vegetable facilities and improve production capacity.The picture shows hengshui Fucheng county meteorological bureau service personnel to manhe village, Manhe township watermelon nursery shed to carry out meteorological services.Tangshan Meteorological Bureau has investigated the demand for many times, determined the service indicators, and set up four meteorological service micro teams for the key growing period of each crop. In cooperation with the meteorological bureau of relevant counties, targeted services for four kinds of characteristic agricultural products such as vegetables and seafood are carried out.In Chengde, the meteorological department and hebei province potato industry innovation team chengde potato comprehensive test and promotion station jointly produced and issued a special report on potato weather services, and spread through a number of platforms;Relying on the special meteorological service for rural revitalization, China Unicom provided through-through services to 981 new agricultural business entities in the city through its digital science and technology intelligent information platform, and the receiving time of early warning information was shortened to one hour.