Liaocheng High-tech Zone: strongly carry out the rectification of sanitary patches, deterring illegal construction behavior

2022-05-08 0 By

Ding Xiujuan, reporter from Liaocheng On February 8, the reporter from Liaocheng Natural resources and Planning Bureau learned that, in order to steadily promote the rectification work of sanitation, high-tech zone adhere to the “zero tolerance” attitude, take strong measures, and actively carry out centralized demolition action, achieved remarkable results.The high-tech Zone organized and held a meeting on the rectification of the district’s land and sanitation plots, issued the details of the sanitation plots to be rectified in each town (street), and clarified the person responsible for rectification and the time limit for completion.According to different types of map spots, make rectification plans one by one, establish work books, and ensure that the bottom is clear, the task is clear, and the responsibility is detailed.The towns (streets) acted quickly to form special forces to actively mobilize the parties involved in illegal map spots and put forward suggestions for self-removal. For those who still cannot rectify themselves after repeated advice, the towns (streets) organized law enforcement departments, natural resources and other law enforcement forces to carry out centralized demolition actions.Up to now, the area should be removed illegal map spot 11 cases, 9.33 acres;Need to clean up 12 map spots, 22.18 acres of area, has been all rectified in place, strong deterrence of illegal construction behavior, the rectification of the health map spots to achieve “zero tolerance”.Director: Tian Mingdong Audit: Li Zhaohui