Nearly 50 million passengers were transported on the Yangtze River Delta railway during the Spring Festival travel rush, up 15.7% year on year

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Nearly 50 million passengers have been transported on the Yangtze River Delta railway as of February 25, up 15.7% year on year, with nearly 1.25 million passengers per day, according to sources from China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., LTD.Passengers take a bus at nanjing Railway Station in Nanjing, capital of East China’s Jiangsu Province, Feb. 25, 2019.Xinhua News Agency noted that the epidemic has significantly affected passenger flow.Before the holiday, local cases occurred in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other key areas, resulting in a strong wait-and-see mood among medium and long-distance travelers. After January 21, the region was gradually turned into a low-risk area, and the medium and short distance passenger flow in surrounding midway provinces, Anhui and northern Jiangsu started simultaneously, and comprehensively accumulated 5 days before the holiday from January 26 to 30.Affected by the epidemic in Suzhou, Wuxi and other places after the holiday, the overall post-holiday passenger flow was at a low level, except that the rigid return to work and school passenger flow mainly occurred at the end of the Spring Festival holiday and the weekend after the Lantern Festival.We implemented the “one map per day” policy with precision.Taking full account of the changes in the epidemic situation and the possible impact of rain, snow and ice disasters, and following the thinking of “on-demand arrangement, emergency preparedness, precise matching and sequential delivery”, the “one map per day” transport capacity allocation was implemented precisely, and the adjustment of transport capacity was changed from periodic adjustment to on-demand adjustment.We will continue to pay close attention to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation, advance booking and waiting for tickets, determine the launch time of passenger trains and temporary passenger trains, and release capacity in succession to ensure necessary travel needs of passengers.During the Spring Festival travel rush, 3,495 passenger trains and 2,698 passenger vehicles were added, and 7,182 bullet trains were reconnected.The whole process of epidemic prevention is effective.All railway stations and passenger trains will strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control throughout the train process.Strengthen the organization of passenger flow in the station, measure the temperature and check the code of passengers entering the station according to the regulations, and guide passengers to enter the station in an orderly manner and wait for the train separately;Segregated seats will be reserved on trains, and meals will be delivered to carriages instead of dining cars;Strengthen the broadcast and publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge, strengthen the ventilation and disinfection of station vehicles, and carry out regular environmental health monitoring.Intelligent technology is used to serve epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival travel rush. Intelligent epidemic prevention and temperature measuring robots, automatic air environment disinfection robots, and ground cleaning and disinfection robots form a “sky team” of epidemic prevention at multiple stations.During the Spring Festival travel rush, about 100 million inbound and outbound passengers were checked for temperature, and nucleic acid test certificates for 950,000 inbound passengers were checked.It is safe and convenient for workers’ groups to charter cars.Overall consideration travel ticket to ease the contradiction between supply and demand, epidemic prevention and control measures to strengthen the factors, such as the Spring Festival transportation working group of passengers to provide more secure transporting packages listed do tickets and travel services, January 17 open to accept the solstice on February 25, all operation during the period of Spring Festival transportation passenger train hard seat and a second-class ticket, accepts the stand from last year’s 30 to 55 this year,We will give full support to enterprise workers in returning to their hometowns and resuming work and production.During the Spring Festival travel rush, a total of 6,727 people in 32 batches were accepted by migrant workers’ organizations.”A bite of High-speed Rail” is delicious.We will continue to push forward the implementation of the “Bite of High-speed Rail” initiative to provide tourists with “a good meal”.South Shanghai hongqiao, nanjing, hefei, hangzhou, wenzhou, south, east nanjing, xuzhou east 15 stations successively joined railway 12306 network matrix, the meal has four railway proprietary theme restaurants, 46 local food brands provide a wide range of meals drinks supply, every day can be hot chain set the category of more than one hundred kinds of choose and buy, drinks, snacks, 39 kinds of 29.In Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing south G6, G10, Shanghai Hongqiao to Guangzhou South G85 three trains, the pilot push coffee drinks, passengers can not leave their seats to drink the fragrance of the freshly ground coffee.Huimin service is more “warm heart”.We will introduce more quality measures to benefit passengers and make the Spring Festival travel rush home more convenient and faster.A total of 205 passenger stations have adopted the “integrated inspection and inspection” organization mode, which reduces the number of swipes at the entrance and ticket gates from two to one, making the entrance channels smoother and the travel efficiency higher.Self-delivery counters for security check will be promoted in 50 railway stations with more than 10,000 passengers per day. Passengers who bring contraband by mistake will no longer have to “bear the pain” and can send contraband to their destinations through self-delivery counters.In Shanghai hongqiao, Suzhou, Jiaxing South, Yangzhou East and other 49 stations to promote the seat armrest scanning code charging service, passengers through the 12306APP to enter, can enjoy free charging service without leaving the seat.Large passenger stations such as Shanghai Hongqiao and Shanghai have adopted the integrated safety inspection and dangerous goods registration machine to realize the automatic registration and inquiry of dangerous goods information. The registration time of dangerous goods is only one third of the manual time, and the arrival speed of passengers and the delivery of temporary goods are faster.Responsible Editor: Wang Jie Photo editor: Shen Ke Proofreading: Zhang Liangliang