Project Express: Fuzhou, Fujian Province, The second week of February 11, 2022 Approved projects (53 in total)

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A total of 53 petrochemical engineering projects were approved in Fuzhou, Fujian Province in the second week of February 2022, involving chemicals, chemical fertilizers, chemical raw materials and other projects as follows: 1.Fuzhou old cotton farmers medical products production project 2. Wanyuan (Fuzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Wanyuan hard capsule research and test project 3.Minqing County Jinfeng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., LTD. Jinfeng Ten thousand tons of organic fertilizer Processing Plant construction project 4.6. Owl (Fuzhou) Daily Necessities Co., LTD. Owl Cosmetics Production Project 7.Lijiang Dali Gas Co., LTD. Expansion Project 8. Lizhu Group Fuzhou Fuxing Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. High Resistance Product upgrade project 9.Lizhu Group Fuzhou Fuxing Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Phase III High-end antibiotics Construction Project 10. Jiuce Gas (Fuqing) Co., LTD. Phase II Expansion and Special Gas Project 11.Jianine Cosmetics (Fuzhou) Co., LTD. High-end cosmetics intelligent filling production line Transformation Project 12.Fuzhou Changhong New Materials Co., LTD. Annual output of 7000 tons of high-performance fiber and composite materials ProjectFuzhou Yulong Building Materials Co., LTD. Annual output of 90,000 tons of titanium dioxide by chlorinationFuzhou Xinbei Biochemical Industry Co., LTD. Biomedical R&D, Production and Distribution Base ProjectFuzhou Tiifa Technology Co., LTD. 12KT/A chemical fiber titanium dioxide production line technical renovation project 17.Fuzhou Tiifa Technology Co., LTD. Annual output of 1000 tons of environmental protection titanium catalyst technical transformation Project 18.Fuzhou Changle Ruili New Material Co., LTD. Intelligent Nonwoven New Material Production Project 19.Fuzhou Changle Ruili New Material Co., LTD. Annual output of 80 million sets of medical protective suits and masks project 20.Fuzhou Qiuen Material Science and Technology New Material Production Project 21. Fuzhou Mawei District Daofeng Packaging Material Co., LTD. Daofeng Protective Products Manufacturing Production Line Expansion Project 22.Fuzhou Jin ‘an District Kangcheng Sanitary Disinfection Products Factory Disinfection production line intelligent integration transformation Project 23.Fuzhou Hongye Chemical Co., LTD. Annual output of 50,000 tons of ammonia and 30,000 tons of melamine resin and methanol refining projectLianjiang Kemen New Chemical Materials Industrial Park No.2020-008, Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone, Fuzhou (Pre-application unit: Fuzhou Wanjing Petrochemical Co., LTD.) Project No.26.Fuzhou Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone Industrial Reserve No. 2020-007 (pre-applicant: Fuzhou Shangjing New Materials Co., LTD.) project 27.Fuzhou Ruike Brown Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD. Dental Lithium disilicate high strength SiO2/LT-M0 glass ceramics Production Project 28.Fuzhou Ronglin Machinery Co., LTD. High performance optoelectronic New Material ProjectFuzhou Lianhualind Gas Co., LTD. Lianhualind Production Unit Renovation ProjectFuzhou Kangjiale Natural Camphor Co., LTD. Two-step hydrophoric Camphor Extract ProjectFuzhou Jinming Painting Drying Equipment Co., LTD. Painting Drying Equipment Production Workshop Renovation ProjectFuzhou He Fiber Products Co., LTD and Fiber Manufacturing Center Project 36. Fuzhou Gretel New Material Technology Co., LTD annual processing of ABS plastic particles 1000 tons project 37.Fuzhou Gretel New Material Technology Co., LTD. Annual processing of ABS plastic particles 1000 tons projectFuzhou Dongxing Industry Co., LTD. Dongxing Melt-blown Cloth Production Line ProjectMask Production Project of Fuzhou Dongfang Health Protective Products Co., LTD.Fuzhou Dimeiya Biological Technology Co., LTD. Sidimeiya Biological Technology Manufacturing Base ProjectFuzhou Borun Chemical Technology Co., LTD., Borun Ultrafine Environmental Fiber Material Project 43. Fuzhou Bainang Packaging Materials Co., LTD., Composite Materials and Recycling Packaging Products Center Project 44.Fuzhou Bagang Packaging Materials Co., LTD. Composite Materials and Recycling Packaging Products Center project 45.Project of Fuqing Yinghe Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Annual output of 70 million masks 46. Project of Fuqing Weixin Locomotive Parts Co., LTD. Annual output of melt-blown cloth 2,700 tons 47Fujian Changle Yongda Textile Co., LTD. Annual output of 3600 tons of intelligent, green differential nylon stretch yarn project 48.Temporary Warehouse Project of Fujian Changle Shanli Chemical Fiber Co., LTD.Fujian Lianjiang Zhenqiu New Energy Material Technology Co., LTD. Civil Fuel Oil Processing Project 51.Fujian Fuzhou Shangze Detergent Co., LTD. Laundry Liquid Packaging ProjectMask production project of Duomekang Medical Equipment (Fuzhou) Co., LTD. 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