Spread the Flame of the Olympic Games let the dream fly (Winter Olympics telephoto)

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Photo 1: Torchbearer Lang N Dove (second from right) at the ceremony.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Haobo photo ② : Torchbearer Duan Yanqing in the torch relay.Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Shihui photo 3: Torchbearer Wang Meng (front) and hockey players.Xinhua News Agency reporter CAI Yang photo ④ : torch bearer Kang Zhi (right) and Han Xiaoyan relay.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Haofu photo 5: Torch bearer An Guoyu and robot relay.The sun is shining brightly and the breeze is blowing gently.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay kicked off at the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing, Capital of China, On February 2.To the tune of “Together for the Future”, Luo Zhihuan, China’s first world champion speed skater in winter events, held the torch and showed it to the audience. The torch relay with the theme of “Meet the ice and snow, and strive for a better future” officially started.About 1,200 torchbearers will take part in the three-day relay in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou before lighting the torch tower in the National Stadium on February 4. The exciting Olympic moment is at hand.Swift tower to convey the Olympic concept, “clean Olympics endowed” sculpture, “create brilliance together” sculpture……The tourist destination in Beijing Olympic Forest Park became the relay point of the torch relay, which also witnessed the integration of the history and culture of the ancient capital and the Olympic spirit.”It is a great honor to be a torchbearer for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games,” said Zhang Yimou, torchbearer and chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. “I hope to pass the Olympic ideals to more young people through the torch relay.”In the torch relay site, hip-hop dance, aerobics, martial arts and other wonderful performances will be filled with enthusiasm to the climax.Local people in Yanqing welcomed the arrival of the Olympic Flame Sunday morning with a performance of traditional silk lanterns and dances such as “Please come to the Great Wall to ski”.Some 40 torchbearers carried the torch aloft as they climbed the badaling Section of the Great Wall, blending their muscular posture with the magnificent world heritage site.Li Chang, a student from Balizhuang Central Primary School in Yanqing district who performed at the event, said, “It is a rare experience to watch the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay up close and I feel the charm of Olympic culture.I will follow the games and cheer on the athletes in front of the TV.”Among the torchbearers were a number of athletes who had participated in the Olympic Games.”Having participated in both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics as a torchbearer, I have witnessed the progress of sports and experienced the development of our country,” said Wu Jingyu, torchbearer, Olympic champion and vice president of the Chinese Taekwondo Association. “I will do my best to cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Ma Long, an Olympic table tennis champion, said: “Beijing is the first ‘Double Olympic City’ and I am very honored to carry the Olympic torch in Beijing.”The torch relay began Wednesday afternoon at the square of the ancient ape head sculpture at Nihewan Archaeological Park in Yangyuan County, Zhangjiakou city, along the central axis of the square.”As a native of Hebei, IT is a great honor to be part of the Olympic torch relay in my hometown,” said Wang Han, torchbearer and ambassador of Hebei Snow and ice Sports promotion.We invite you to join us and enjoy the fun of ice and snow.I wish the athletes good results and the Winter Olympics a great success.””I am very excited to be part of the Beijing Olympic Torch relay,” said Torchbearer Qiao Bing, promoter of the Chinese eight-ball sport.This valuable experience inspires me to keep my feet on the ground and continue to do a good job in promoting Chinese eight-ball.”Help the national fitness year two, the taste of the year is strong.A total of 416 torchbearers took part in the relay in Beijing’s Winter Olympics Park and Shougang Park. The torch was carried along the banks of the river and along the banks of the lake.At the starting point of the marathon base camp in Beijing Winter Olympic Park, an ice rink covering an area of 360 square meters was set up according to the hillside terrain.On the ice rink, the emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the theme slogan “Together for the future” are particularly eye-catching.On the ice, the youth pairs skated elegantly, and the ice hockey exhibition won plaudits, showing the unique charm of ice and snow sports.Wang Meng, a coach from heilongjiang Ice Training Center who won three gold MEDALS at the 2010 Vancouver Games, will be the first leg of the torch relay at Beijing Winter Olympic Park.At the event, Wang meng interacted with ice and snow lovers participating in the performance and shouted the theme slogan “Together towards the future”.”I will continue my efforts to encourage more people to understand, participate in and love ice sports,” wang said.”I hope that through the torch relay, we can spread our energy, love and dreams to more people,” said Victor Chiu, torchbearer and PWC asia-pacific & Greater China chairman.I will contribute to the development of the Olympic cause and let more people fall in love with ice and snow sports.”About 50 torchbearers passed through the Science museum, ice rink and snow carnival during the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay in yanqing World Grape Expo Park Sunday morning.Lang En Ge, president of Yanqing Haituo Farmers Ski Association, completed the last leg of the world Portuguese Garden torch relay.”The Yanqing Peasant ski team is volunteering for the Winter Olympics, and I wish the athletes great achievements in the competition.”Ice and snow are gold and silver mountains.With the opportunity brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics, Desheng Village, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, explored a precise industrial development road according to local conditions.Ye Runbing, party secretary of Desheng village, said: “Desheng will continue to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, further improve landscape agriculture and facility agriculture, and explore more new ways to get rich.”The first underwater robot-to-robot torch relay in Olympic history was completed in Beijing’s Winter Olympics Park Sunday afternoon with the sound of bubbling water.In about six minutes, the amphibious robot and the underwater variable structure robot glided into the water through the ice, and the underwater torch transfer and transmission, and came out of the water to complete the underwater transmission of the Olympic flame.According to the report, to realize the underwater torch transmission, not only need to break through the underwater hovering precision operation, high-precision positioning guidance and other technologies to achieve accurate docking, but also need to break through the problems of cross-media reliable combustion organization, flame visual effect maintenance, to form a smokeless burning, green and clean cross-media torch.The underwater transmission with Chinese romance embodies the design concept of green and environmental protection advocated by the designer.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival. The meeting of grand events and festivals has ignited more people’s expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.As the first large-scale torch network publicity and promotion activity in Olympic history, “I am the Torch Network protection runner” became increasingly popular on New Year’s Eve with the help of the Spring Festival Gala.More than 600 million people have read related topics online since the start of the event on January 23, and more than 25 million people have received e-certificates from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Tao Xiangan, Hu Anqi, Pan Junqiang, Zhao Mengyang, Shi Ziqiang, Bai Ziwei, Wang Jingyuan, People’s Daily (February 04, 2022 edition 06) Source: People’s Daily