The city agricultural technology center is busy in the field

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, Ji Hongce, secretary of the party Branch and director of the City Agricultural Technology Center, organized the first week of the year’s work scheduling meeting, all departments summarized the work before the year, and made specific arrangements for this week’s work, and put forward a detailed plan for the overall work objectives in 2022.After the meeting, the agricultural Technology Center organized expert soldiers to descend to the key service towns in four ways, and went deep into the fields to provide precise services for practical problems such as temperature difference changes, fertilization and watering of vegetables and seedlings, and pest management.In changxiao vegetable planting base of Yanpi Village, Gaoji town, agricultural technician Sun Li carried out face-to-face technical service and guidance on the management of greenhouse vegetables at present.He told the person in charge of the base, the recent temperature contrast is too large, to pay close attention to the temperature, soil humidity, disease situation, timely switch on the side of the greenhouse ventilation device, control the temperature and humidity in the shed, timely fertilizer on the leaf, prevention and control pests and diseases.In deng ten line rape planting base, agricultural technology personnel jing-wei gao, Yang Jin, Wang Kang within the base on hundreds of acres of rapeseed antifreeze, insect-resistant, fertilization for guidance, and suggested to base, took advantage of the recent good weather, head of timely do scarification, cut grass, fat, etc, with farming, ensure that rape healthy prosperous seed full flower.Next, the zhuhai agricultural extension department will also be on spring wheat field management and spring farming preparation production, through the agricultural extension service sinks, field training, WeChat push, data distribution form, to the cooperative, planting large, science and technology a model household, farmers to carry out targeted agricultural technical guidance and training, “decide questions” for agricultural production.