The last medical team to help Xi ‘an return home!China Eastern Northwest Branch smoothly guaranteed yulin medical team to return home for the Spring Festival

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On February 2, Chinese New Year when the second day at 7 50 points, epidemic prevention and control to ensure the successful completion of the 99 aid xi ‘an staff working on eastern MU2287 charter flights from xi ‘an xianyang airport take off smoothly to yulin, this is China Eastern airlines northwest branch the tiger protection first medical charter flights, is also the last one of xian to help return the medical team.Upon receiving the charter flight for the return flight of the medical team, the Northwest Branch of China Eastern Airlines immediately organized the epidemic prevention control and specific business deployment of the charter flight.From marketing to flight, aircraft maintenance, cabin, air security, ground services have made full preparations.On the one hand, flight, crew and air security teams and ground personnel were carefully selected to ensure that all personnel had completed COVID-19 vaccination and had negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours to ensure that flight executives were well prepared.On the other hand, the flight group and the crew group updated the broadcast words and epidemic prevention list of the site in a timely manner. The captain explained the deployment in the pre-flight preparation meeting, and the crew members were led by the crew chief to re-study the business, re-check the list and re-arrange the division of labor, strictly implementing the relevant requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Eastern Airlines Group.During the flight implementation, the flight crew will protect themselves according to the requirements of risk level, strictly implement the air epidemic prevention measures such as lavatory disinfection and seat control in the isolation area, ensure that the work of “suspension of work without suspension” is fully translated into the actual work of charter flight guarantee, and escort the medical team with sincerity and warmth.For medical staff to provide convenient, safe, efficient, comfortable service, received a charter flight security task, the ground service department attaches great importance to, full deployment, a division is responsible for the security of passengers immediately launched a charter guarantee scheme, comb security process, coordinate the security post, opened its exclusive charter security counter,Special personnel were arranged to undertake guidance and various services, and green channels were opened for medical team members in the ground service links such as guidance, check-in, waiting and boarding.At 6:00 a.m., 99 medical teams arrived at Xianyang Airport, and the northwest ground service staff of China Eastern Airlines guided the team to the exclusive counter for charter flight guarantee in an orderly manner. The check-in staff handled the check-in procedures for the medical staff in an orderly manner, and checked luggage in the special area.”Thank you for your contribution to the epidemic prevention work in Xi ‘an over the past month. Thank you!”The ground support staff bowed deeply to the medical staff and gave them a short farewell ceremony, showing endless respect for the “rebels”.Followed by medical personnel, organized orderly queue after the security check, accompanied by leading to the gate, at the gate, provides medical team with an exclusive lounge, broadcast to remind in advance medical team on board, orderly examination health code, provide them with a more efficient, fast and convenient “guide, exclusive baggage counter, zone, the zone, the zone waiting” the “one-stop” services.”As of today, I have flown 10,800 hours safely and have 14 years of party experience. All the crew members are very proud to be able to escort you back home. Thank you for your silent efforts!When the mountain flowers are in full bloom, Eastern Airlines and you meet again in Chang ‘an!”Captain Zhang Xuxing sonorous and powerful broadcast after the cabin applause for a long time.Zhang xuxing said that on the second day of the Chinese New Year, he felt a sense of pride and happiness that he could fly a chartered plane to send the medical team home.”Dear Medical team supporting Xi ‘an epidemic Prevention and Control from Yulin City, I am the chief steward of this flight.Please allow us, on behalf of all the staff of China Eastern Airlines, to say thank you sincerely!Salute every anti-epidemic hero who guards life!We came as promised to take you home…At the end of the Xin-Chou Year, the children of Sanqin, with their remarkable efficiency and speed, emerged from the darkest hour of the epidemic and ushered in the bright spring of xi ‘an, the ancient capital.Thanks to you, everything is safe!”When zhang Yang, the chief steward of China Eastern Airlines, expressed his sincere respect and gratitude to the white warriors, bursts of applause broke out in the cabin.It is reported that on January 7, 2022, yulin city dispatched 100 medical workers to xi ‘an in accordance with the arrangements for epidemic prevention and control. After 25 days of hard work, the medical team successfully completed the task of quarantine and nucleic acid collection. This medical team was also the last one to leave Xi ‘an.In the future, China Eastern Northwest Branch will continue to actively respond to the call of the Party and the country, continue to do a good job in all kinds of special air transport support work, actively play the role of state-owned enterprises as the “pillar” and “ballast stone”, and strive to win both epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.Young “NiXingZhe” give up “home” from “you” and take the initiative to go to xi ‘an to combat the outbreak contribute their strength, they accomplished the task today, safe return home for the holiday, it is not only a flight security work, but also with China Eastern airlines northwest branch “temperature” service for “NiXingZhe” deep gratitude and awe of dedication,All the people of Northwest China Eastern Airlines are willing to send them the best wishes for the New Year!Fei Yuanlong, YAN Bin, ZHANG Yang, Li Yuna;Photo: Li Ye cheng Zhang Yang Zhang Mou Dong Chen;Solicited contributions: Zhou Hongjuan) Edited: Fan Jing, Ma Ning