War escalates in south China Sea, US has started action!The island said four big words and knocked Biden to the ground

2022-05-08 0 By

Compared with the frequency of us military presence in the South China Sea, the frequency of US military presence in the South China Sea has significantly increased recently. Following the arrival of the STRIKE group of the AIRCRAFT carrier Uss Carl Vinson, China has assembled “3+2” aircraft carrier groups (including quasi-aircraft carrier groups) on its doorstep.By deploying so many troops around China in such a short period of time, the United States seems to have another purpose as events turn out besides clearly aiming the conflict at China.A year after citizens and far-right groups attacked the US Capitol, civil war is brewing, according to reports.According to Us military expert Walter Waltsky, the CURRENT US has all the conditions for a civil war.The day before that, Edelman released a trust survey showing that Americans’ trust in the country has dropped 10 percentage points since 2017.Since last June, more than in the United States is the ensuing protests, police clashed with protesters repeatedly, even many demonstrators rob everywhere merchants directly, if continued surges of riots and protests is only a microcosm of American society, then the new crown epidemic situation are serious, was the overwhelming American of the national trust “last straw”.Last November, it was rumored that searches by Americans for “how to move to Canada” had increased by at least 700%.It is not hard to see that under the leadership of Biden, all kinds of contradictions in the United States are intensifying, the country is going to tear, and the “American Civil War” may break out at any time.In addition, the continued recession of the economy, many allied countries, seeing the current situation of the United States, began to close to China, looking for a new “backer” for themselves, but also trying to take the opportunity to get rid of the control of the United States.It’s pretty hard for Biden to change that and save America in this situation.With this in mind, the possibility of the U.S. government taking a risk cannot be ruled out.It may not be a coincidence that large numbers of US troops are massing in the South China Sea at a time when America’s internal tensions are getting worse, if it is to provoke China, but the timing is too coincidental.Remember during the Trump era when the US kept stirring up trouble and creating tension with China in order to divert domestic conflict?Biden’s current large-scale operations in the South China Sea could also be a diversion from domestic crises.With the conditions for civil war in the United States already in place, faced with an uncontrollable situation, policymakers in Washington are bound to be more desperate to launch a war to hedge the domestic crisis.So it seems that the escalation of the south China Sea war was planned by the US in advance of a possible civil war.Admittedly, this is something for China and the rest of the world to watch out for, but by contrast, it is the Authorities in Taiwan who have the most to worry about.Given the current level of madness of the US government, if it is able to stir up fire in the South China Sea at such a critical moment, why can’t it further provoke a conflict across the Taiwan Strait?In order to deal with China, the United States has made a lot of wrong taiwan-related remarks and interfered in China’s internal affairs these days.Indeed, to the extent that the South China Sea can “contain” China, the Taiwan Strait can “balance” China more clearly.If the South China Sea is China’s red line, then the Taiwan Strait is China’s bottom line.Perhaps that’s why Taiwanese scholar Zhao Jianmin was the first to put out the fire.At a seminar on the outlook of Cross-Straits Relations in 2022, Zhao Jianmin pointed out the United States as the first of four “asymmetric collision structures” in cross-Straits relations last year, claiming that for the first time, more than half of the Americans supported sending troops to Taiwan, which caused great misdirection to Taiwan.During the seminar, he said in four words that it is not too late to resolve the cross-strait deadlock.This would be tact to “knock Biden down”. The US is in need of support from the outside world, and the island’s attack on the country at this time can be interpreted as “kowtowing” to the mainland after recognizing the current situation, and on the other hand, it can be interpreted as not wanting to continue to engage with the US.At present, the United States is almost “isolated and helpless”. After many countries in Southeast Asia, a number of Gulf countries have also made clear their position to choose China recently. Even Germany has expressed its support for China and further developed relations with China.How can the US do anything with this?The so-called “partners” and “Allies” are leaving one after another, and the current Biden administration is actually unable to make big waves.(DORA)