Where did he get the Preface to the Orchid Collection?

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The above are three pictures of Xiao Yi earning orchid Pavilion, one in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan Province, China, one in the National Palace Museum in Beijing, China, and one in the Liaoning Provincial Museum of China.But these three may not be authentic, are all song imitation, and are copied according to records, perhaps no one has seen the original.Xiao Yi was the imperial historian of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin.The so-called imperial history is the personnel sent by the emperor himself — those who do private work for the emperor.Look, Li Shimin has a private affair, need Xiao Yi to complete.No one can do this, Li Shimin has been upset.Fang Xuanling, a minister, recommended Xiao Yi, an official, to do so.Li Shimin then sent Xiao Yi to Zhejiang Kuaiji to find what Li Shimin wanted to find – “Orchid Pavilion set preface”!Those who are familiar with calligraphy know that this is a precious calligraphic treasure of Wang Xizhi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.However, the whereabouts of the original painting during the Tang Dynasty is a mystery.Rumor has it that the book was in the hands of the Yucai Monk of Yongxin Temple in Shanyin, Kuaiji.Li Shimin had also called aicai into the palace for repeated requests, but Aicai insisted that he had only seen this work, but after the turbulent times, the work has no idea.Li Shimin had no choice but to return to the eloquence.However, a number of evidences show that “LAN Ting Ji Preface” is in the hands of the debater.Since not to Ming, Li Shimin had to make a bad strategy, so xiao Yi to cheat, this is the meaning of “earn”.Xiao Yi dressed up as a scholar, sunset into the temple, in the setting sun, alone to enjoy the yongxin Temple murals.Just met the path of the monk, Xiao Yi is free and easy to talk about.Yellow halo light dye, elegant demeanor, elegant speech, temperament is calm, all these let the sophister feel that Xiao Yi is not mortal.After a conversation, two people have become familiar with each other, Xiao Yi has since become a regular guest of yongxin Temple, and debater eat tea broad theory, met.Xiao Yi will occasionally bring some of the southern dynasty and the appreciation of debate, debate that Xiao Yi or love cultural relics.Xiao Yi also brought two Kings (Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi) and eloquence.After appreciating it, he felt that although it was an authentic work, it was not a good one.Xiao Yi asked, “What is a good work?”The orator speaks hesitatingly. His best work is “Orchid Pavilion Collection Preface”, which is here.Xiao Yi therefore saw the genuine works, but also deliberately found faults to deny its authenticity, and argued repeatedly with Debaters, in fact, to prove that what Debaters said is true.Xiao Yi then found out the hiding place of “LAN Ting Ji Preface”, so he took an opportunity to steal it. He quickly went to a Courier station, revealed his identity, informed local officials and escorted it back to Beijing.After hearing this, he was shocked and died a year later.Xiao Yi earned “Orchid Pavilion set preface” story, was the Tang Dynasty great painter Yan Liben drew a picture.But traces of the painting are hard to find today.Only three copies from the Song Dynasty have been handed down.The contents of the three copies are different from each other, reflecting the content of the story from different angles. It can be seen that perhaps none of the three painters have seen the original work, and it is just a figuration.Also perhaps, whether Yan Liben had drawn this picture after all, also doubtful.Among them, now hidden in the Liaoning Provincial Museum “Xiao Yi Earn Orchid Pavilion Map” has a wonderful life.This picture is said to be the original tang dynasty, later collected in the southern Tang Dynasty empress Li Yu hands.After the Southern Tang was destroyed by the Northern Song, Zhao Kuangyin, the emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, gave it to Yang Zhizhou.After the fifth generation, Yang’s son-in-law Zhou shi got it.The descendants of the Zhou family could not bear the various requests for this, and gave it to a friend.The painting was later borrowed (or bought) by li Qingzhao and his wife, who love cultural relics, and has been in their collection ever since.In the end, this painting was passed to the famous literati Of Ming Dynasty, Wen Zheng Ming…Although so many people believed it to be authentic, experts now recognize it as a forgery.However, since it is song imitation, it is impossible to come from Li Yu, so what went wrong in the middle, it is unknown.The question goes back to the Orchid Pavilion Preface.Why did the Philosopher have the Preface to LAN Ting Collection?His teacher was Sun Zhiyong, the seventh generation monk of Wang Xizhi.This descendant of the Wang family became a monk in the Sui Dynasty, but did not forget the royal nature, daily practice calligraphy.Are there any wonderful stories about Chi Yong practicing calligraphy?”Accompany you grow up to say Chinese” the first volume “reading” the fourth set “not practice” in detail recorded these stories, go to read it!