Zhou Xuan, goddess of the Republic of China, was abandoned with a big belly and collapsed in her old age: This is your flesh and blood test!

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Since ancient times confidante more fateful, beautiful woman often have a bumpy life.As the goddess of the Republic of China, Zhou Xuan’s life was not only full of flowers, but also sad and desolate.The dazzling pearl of Shanghai Beach yearned for a place to stay all her life, only to be abandoned when pregnant and devastated for the rest of her life.Zhou Xuan’s childhood was mixed with misfortune.At first, zhou Xuan was born in the jiangnan water town of her family is also a scholar, but a sudden disaster, when going to her grandmother’s home, zhou Xuan was abducted and sold to her adoptive parents.This was the tragic beginning of Zhou Xuan’s life.Adoptive father is a deadbeat chain-smoker, with improper relations with the owner of the smoke, every day at home temper to his wife and children non dozen namely scold, later in order to change money and sell Zhou Xuan to Shanghai.The new family is no better for Zhou.At first the day is ok, but with the growing decline in the home adoptive father and infected with tobacco, day by day, adoptive mother every day to do odd jobs but also a drop in the bucket.The adoptive father spent all the money at home to buy cigarettes, and then the home really could not take money to give him to splurge, he actually moved to Zhou Xuan, want to sell the young Zhou Xuan out for money.Fortunately, the adoptive mother in any case did not promise to leave Zhou Xuan, therefore, although Zhou Xuan young twists and turns but eventually grew up.Talent gradually show Zhou Xuan has a clear sweet voice, singing to crisp and pleasant to hear, just to catch up with Li Jinhui founded the Bright Moon song and dance troupe, he found Zhou Xuan’s talent invited her to join.In order to make money to subsidize the family, Zhou Xuan chose to enter the Bright moon Song and Dance Troupe, Li Jinhui attaches great importance to her training specially invited people to give her classes.With her excellent voice and diligent practice, Zhou Xuan’s singing became more and more beautiful. She soon became the pillar of the regiment and won numerous flowers and applause.However, Zhou Xuan was not satisfied with these. In order to improve her ability, she chose to participate in the singer competition jointly held by Shanghai Radio Station.Finally, she got a good result of the second place in this competition.After winning the award, the media flocked to zhou xuan and she became famous in Shanghai as a rising star. People even gave her the title of “golden voice”.Zhou Xuan at that time was less than 15 years old, the real young famous flowers.At this time, Zhou xuan’s teacher Yan Hua recommended her to Xinhua Opera House, which, in her teacher’s eyes, was a bigger sky.Facts proved that Yan hua’s choice was right. Zhou Xuan got more resources in The Xinhua Opera House. Unlike other talent singers who were a flash in the pan, Zhou Xuan’s singing in Shanghai Tang spread more and more widely.Zhou starred in a few films under the company’s operation, but it was road Angel that really established her in the film industry.In this movie, she interpreted a little girl bullied by the old society incisively and vividly, a song “The End of the World song Girl” is the nationwide singing, with two pigtails Zhou Xuan really become an amphibious star.After a successful career, she also gains her own love: she and her teacher Yan Hua appear love sparks.She went all the way, Yan Hua’s teaching company is not to be ignored, Zhou Xuan’s music theory knowledge and Mandarin are Professor Yan Hua, he has been loving Zhou Xuan as a big brother, this is a childhood displaced she did not feel warm.After eight years of sweet love, Zhou Xuan finally said yes to Yan Hua’s proposal, and the two walked into the hall of marriage.After marriage, the two are inseparable. In any news report, they are in love and holding hands. The whole Shanghai thinks that they have found their true love.But most good things don’t stick.Zhou Xuan’s career at that time, she almost became the dream lover of all men in Shanghai, Yan Hua is very dissatisfied with this, jealous and even began to jealousy.Every time a male friend of Zhou’s appears, or a scandal is reported, the two men break out into violent arguments.Zhou Xuan is disappointed in Yan Hua’s distrust, Yan Hua is suffering from meanness can not fully trust themselves, this gap between them is getting bigger and bigger.After a long quarrel, two people chose to separate. They only married for three years and divorced.Zhou Xuan is depressed for a long time because of her emotional failure.In order to let herself come out of her arrangement of a lot of work, wholeheartedly into the cause, in this everywhere running state, thus met her life’s disaster: a businessman called Zhu Huaide.He and other movie fans like Zhou Xuan as a dream lover, after meeting her gallant, sweet words to Zhou Xuan every day to express his mind, until she finished her work before and after the escort.In this offensive soon melted the heart of Zhou Xuan, two people soon love cohabitation, Zhou Xuan trusted Zhu Huide, under his coaxing property to his custody.The days of love passed very quickly.After half a year, Zhou Xuan found herself pregnant, she was very excited to tell Zhu Huide the news, the results of the other party a cold sentence, “the child than must be mine, born to need a blood test.”Deal with listen like falling ice cave, fall in love with the lover unexpectedly never believed himself, in addition, she also found Zhu Huaide took his money in the outside, and even keep a dancer.She wanted to return to their property, Zhu Huide sarcastically: “the money to do business naturally have losses and gains, you have not got a diamond ring.”Although Zhu Huide like Zhou Xuan, but in his concept of the star’s private life is chaotic, and Zhou Xuan has not broken the scandal in large and small newspapers, he did not think of Zhou Xuan to marry home.In the face of such humiliation zhou Xuan could not bear, she resolutely put forward to break up, gave birth to the child alone.The shock to her was immeasurable. A year later, during the filming of the film, zhou suddenly cried hysterically, “This is your baby!Blood tests!A blood test!”Staff rushed her to hospital, where she suffered a nervous breakdown and doctors confirmed she was suffering from a mental illness.Since then, Zhou Xuan has been recuperating in the hospital, with her adoptive mother beside her. However, Zhou Xuan’s spirit did not improve. After her adoptive mother died, she died alone in the hospital.In conclusion, as the most dazzling star in the Period of the Republic of China, Zhou Xuan got the supreme glory.In the eyes of outsiders, she was young and famous, but from the moment she was abducted, her life was filled with bitter water.She lacks the warmth of family and love, be trapped by love place suffer cheat to play with, the peace that she that hopes fang soul dies early arrived to want.