Bathing in the evening breeze of the gentle sentence, beautiful into the heart, profound truth

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In life, there is no eternal sunshine, nor eternal darkness.Life is wonderful everywhere. May all good things, a pair of gentle eyes twinkle forever, and may your world blossom all over the sky.People live, not everything is satisfactory, change a way of life, is also a kind of ability.Give a little heart sunshine, the heart will be brilliant, there is always sunshine in the heart, the world is more beautiful.Say goodbye to the time you can’t go back. May you be your own sun without relying on anyone’s light.May you have the stars in your eyes, the breeze around you and the warm sun in your heart.Don’t let the pressure of life squeeze out happiness, sunny days, rainy days, is a beautiful day.Slow down the time, let yourself be a simple person, to learn, keep the heart of calm and magnanimous.Life is short, the years are long, should leave a beautiful happiness, let all the good in the years gradually incense.Flowers are not for flowers, is to bloom, life is not to live, but to be wonderful.Look at everything, life is still very beautiful, and a brand new start.May you sleep until you wake up naturally every day. May you learn to tolerate in loneliness.In the most beautiful years, do the things you like best, don’t live up to the good time.May everyone live the way they like, delicate and free.You may not light, but always warm light.From today on, don’t envy who, don’t complain who, on their own way, meet their own happiness.Quietly count the time, keep the calm of the heart, let the day simple and clear.We can’t control the development of things, but can adjust their mentality.In advance to change their attitude to see things, to change the height of life.Keep a little higher than life mentality, to meet a better yourself, more beautiful scenery.