In order to prevent sewage back up to block their own drain results upstairs suffer

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Wuhan Evening News (reporter Geng Shanshan correspondent Dongcheng Xie Lei) if you live in the house sewer back water, how will you deal with?Most people do this by plugging their losses and then looking for the cause.On February 16, a reporter learned that Mr Li and A woman named CAI, who live in the qiaokou district of Wuhan, are facing such a troubling situation.In 2011, Mr Li bought a second-floor apartment in qiaokou district, where the house below was a public rental.In mid-January 2021, Mr. Li returned to his house, which had been vacant for a year, and found that the floor of the house was covered with fecal water. It turned out that a blocked sewer pipe had caused fecal water to backflow from the toilet sewer.Mr. Li asked the dredge staff to cut a hole in the main sewer pipe to dredge it, and then cleaned the room himself.More than half a month later, Mr. Li went home to check, home was flooded again.Ms. CAI, who lives on the first floor, is also troubled by the backwater in the home.It turned out that In July 2020, Ms. CAI renovated the house and then did not live there.In early January 2021, Ms. CAI found her home flooded with water pouring from a blocked sewer and squat toilets.Ms. CAI asked the dredge personnel to saw the main indoor water pipe dredge.Did not pass a few days, Ms. CAI home again appeared the phenomenon of backwater, the use of articles will squat toilet blocked, and contacted the community for two dredging.Right now, Mr Li home also appeared backwater phenomenon.Mr. Li contacted the water department through the community to dredge the sewage. The water department found that the manhole cover was located in Ms. CAI’s kitchen by looking up the drawings. The water department opened the manhole cover in the kitchen to dredge the sewage.In order to completely solve the problem of backwater, the water department re-laid the sewer pipe, and a separate sewer pipe for the first floor, which completely solved the problem of backwater of Mr. Li and Ms. CAI.After the backwater problem is solved, Mr. Li more think more gas, that is Ms. CAI’s reason for the sewer can not be dredge for a long time, in 2020 when the renovation and the construction waste thrown into the sewer, which led to sewer pipe network blockage, Ms. CAI compensation for their losses.Ms CAI thinks, during oneself decorate did not block conduit, this for dredge conduit, oneself also suffered a lot of loss in the home, she thinks because Mr Li home leaks, the metope that polluted his home, Mr Li should give her compensation.The two sides argued, and Mr Li sued Ms CAI to the Qiaokou District Court.In October 2021, the qiaokou District Court’s Hanzheng Street Small Commodity Market People’s Court accepted the case.Undertake the judge, the court vice president Xie Lei carefully looked up the evidence materials submitted by both sides, think to want to resolve the dispute thoroughly must first find out the cause of the backwater, then can determine the responsibility to undertake.During the trial, Ms. CAI provided community proof that the backwater was caused by the aging sewer network.Xie Lei went to the community to understand the situation, that the community is old community, there is indeed the problem of aging pipe network.Mr. Li said the main reason for the backwater was that the first floor blocked the outlet and the sewage would flood the second floor. The first floor should not do such things at the expense of others.In January 2022, the qiaokou District Court made its first judgment in the case.The court believed that Mr. Li’s house was flooded with sewage mainly because the sewage pipe network was aged and blocked, leading to the sewage of the whole building could not be discharged smoothly, and the manhole well was sealed into the kitchen on the first floor, which could not be dredged in time when the blockage occurred.Ms. Chua found that blocking her indoor sewer was one of the factors that caused sewage to flow back to the second floor.Chua’s house after the sewage flow backward, the temporary emergency actions to block a drains belongs, the aim is to avoid water gushed out cause indoor decorating and item is damaged, though there is no subjective fault, but the consequences of this flight is benefit on the first floor and second floor is damaged, so the chua sall to give proper compensation to the owner Mr. Li on the second floor.Eventually, the court ordered CAI to pay Li 1,000 yuan as compensation.Neither side appealed the verdict, which is now in effect.In our daily life, we encounter more urgent behavior is in criminal cases.In fact, civil cases can also be applied to the emergency.Undertake a judge to remind you, according to the “People’s Republic of China civil Code” article 182 of the provisions, “because of the emergency risk caused damage, caused by the dangerous situation of the people bear civil liability.If the danger is caused by natural causes, the person who took the emergency risk shall not bear civil liability and may make appropriate compensation.If measures taken in an emergency to avoid danger are inappropriate or exceed the limits of necessity and undue damage is caused, the person who took the emergency action shall bear appropriate civil liability.”In this case, Ms. CAI in order to avoid the loss of their house property, to close the mouth of the behavior, belongs to an emergency.On the grounds that her actions had increased Mr Li’s losses, the court ruled that Ms CAI should be held liable for appropriate compensation.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: