New Channel publishes the first edition of 24 Classic European and American Plays, bringing Western stories to the Chinese stage

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The original title:The book classic Plays from Europe and America has been published by World Knowledge Press. It is the first Collection of Plays adapted from Classic Plays from Europe and America for young people in China.It is new Channel’s follow-up to China Story in English.At this point, the new channel has launched two English script set, covering classical story, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign drama education for the young people more abundant books and textbooks, through theater help teenagers understand eastern and western culture, learn native, decent English expression, experience the beauty and create beauty in drama activities, financing the internationalization of Chinese and foreign talents.”European and American Classic English Plays” a total of 24 pure English plays, from easy to deep, suitable for readers of different English levels.As the first drama collection adapted from European and American classic literature works in China, it covers many aspects of western literary classics, aiming to make readers understand Western culture on the stage with the innocent interest of fairy tales, the wonderful imagination of myths, and the wisdom of life of classics.This book selects many classic stories that teenagers are familiar with, such as Snow White, The Candy House Adventure, King Arthur: Sword in the Stone, Robinson Crusoe and so on.In the book, readers will encounter a variety of characters, including a kind and intelligent Snow White, a villain who does a lot of evil, a fearless hero, a jealous goddess, and a Frankenstein who cravens human affection.Through the ups and downs of the drama story, readers can feel the charm and wisdom of the classic works, trigger attention to human nature, thinking about the value of life.David Symington, deputy director of New Channel’s China Story Institute, is the editor of this book. He graduated from Oxford University with a BACHELOR’s and master’s degree in classics.He holds a master’s degree in Chinese Philosophy from Fudan University and has profound attestation in the fields of drama performance, Western literature, history and philosophy.He obtained an advanced acting licence in the UK at the age of 18 and has coached many Chinese students through the theatre exams at Trinity College London.In 2020, The first Collection of Chinese stories in English, China Stories in English, edited by Si Mingcheng, was published.In His opinion, studying drama is not only good for language learning, confidence in public performance and communication skills, but also good for literary and cultural appreciation.This is one of the main reasons why this book was published.”I hope that people of all ages, from elementary school students to adult English lovers, will find something in these books that suits them,” said David Symington, editor-in-chief of Classic American and European English Plays.Therefore, the scripts are also presented in the order from shallow to deep. At the front, there are entry-level fairy tales like Snow White and The Three Little Pigs.Later, the relatively complex story of Moby Dick.”Mr Spencer said.Mr Simons believes that theatre is more enjoyed by popular productions.Of course, to make the script catch people, in addition to popular, but also to consider the story of fun.So In choosing his stories, Mr Spruce followed an old adage: “Aristotle said that the heart of drama is action.A story suitable for dramaturization, then, must have sufficient incident and conflict.And the works of which the inner scenes are more delicate, though there are many excellent ones, are not suitable for the stage.”In order to truly open the door to the world of drama to the public and allow more people to participate in it, this book has invited a group of outstanding playwrights to make every effort to reproduce the classics through drama adaptation.Mr. Spitzer joins David Calcutt, an English consultant and professional British playwright who is a longtime contributor to BBC Radio Drama and a key writer in Oxford University Press’s Oxford Drama series.His work is popular at upper primary and secondary levels in the UK and the Commonwealth.In addition, there are also a group of excellent English speaking playwrights and front-line drama educators from Britain, the United States, New Zealand and other countries who participate in the creation of this book. Their words and sentences are natural and authentic, and their writing style is exquisite. Their plays are easy to understand and have excellent stage performance.In The drama class of Si Mingcheng, the students were inspired and guided by the “king of children”, and opened the “people come crazy” mode, the “non-object performance” made a good appearance.Looking at the children so into and off, Si Mingcheng infinite feeling.After all, he was almost their age when he first got into theater.Drama is common in British education and is often incorporated into Chinese lessons, Mr Spitzer said.”When it came to Shakespeare and romantic poets, the teacher asked us, who could not read a large number of characters, to interpret their works in groups.First, let us remember what they wrote;Second, through performances and recitations, we can deeply understand the aesthetic taste and cultural heritage of history.”Most students finish the play, their errands, their homework, and the experience languishes in their memory;And Si Mingcheng is playing but “on the head”, the enthusiasm for drama all the way to today, on the way also took two valuable diploma.At the age of 17, Mr Spitzer passed the highest drama exam at Trinity College, London;A year later, Siming received his senior acting license.Recalling why he got into the drama, Mr Smingles says he found something unusual in playing the role with all his heart.”On stage, I have the opportunity to cross time, space and social class to become another character: I can play a medieval king, a soldier on the front lines of the First World War…”Playing them, speaking their words, getting into their perspective and seeing what they see helps me tap into the emotions that are hidden deep inside of me and constantly discover a new side of myself.”To put it simply, theater is about understanding oneself by acting out others.Although is “play crazy”, Si Mingcheng did not “for the sake of performing arts and sacrifice studies”.Because watching him, the performance itself played a role in promoting learning.”In my opinion, students who study drama will not only have a certain background in culture and history, but also have better language skills.Because when they learn their lines, they are exposed to a variety of ways of saying things, and over time their words and sentences will be much better than those who have not studied drama.””Said Mr Spitzer.Thanks to the long-term influence of drama, Simingcheng developed a strong interest in history and culture.During his years at Oxford and Fudan, he systematically studied the cultures of ancient Greece, Rome and Ancient China, which eventually drove him to buy a plane ticket to China.Now, the son of an Englishman has become the son-in-law of a Chinese.After 16 years of “immersion experience” in China, Siminger developed a sense of identity with Both Chinese and Western cultures.However, there are still gaps in both sides’ understanding.Si Mingcheng decided to use his favorite drama art, to fill the gap between Chinese and Western communication.In 2021, he put on the stage classic Chinese stories that are familiar to Chinese people and created Chinese Stories in English.This year, he took the world-famous western fairy tales to the stage and presented them to Chinese teenagers.Si Mingcheng believes that the promotion of cross-cultural communication is not only inseparable from westerners’ three-dimensional understanding of Chinese culture, but also requires the young generation of Chinese students to have a certain understanding of Western culture.The main carrier of culture is literature, but it is difficult to understand the thoughts and feelings in it just by reading, and acting can make up for this deficiency.”I hope this book can help people understand how to find the similarities and differences between Western stories and Chinese stories in the form of drama, and learn from the comparison and get inspiration.”European and American Classic English Drama was published with this intention.This is a collection of plays adapted from western classics, carrying the stage dream of theater lovers.This is also a natural language, authentic, well-worded English learning book, is a rare read for English lovers.But this is not just a drama set or English reading, as the chief editor, MingCheng expected, it will be immersed in the reader opens a world of both depth and breadth of intercultural communication, let them with a deep understanding of western classics, in the dissemination of Chinese culture to the world stage, with their own Chinese story pulled the western the heartstrings of the audience.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)