No Korean as coach!20 minutes decisive battle defeated in tactics, Wang Meng black face, distressed Wu Dajing

2022-05-09 0 By

The much-anticipated Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, China’s short track speed skating team has finished the Winter Olympic Games, only 2 gold, in contrast, the Korean team this winter Olympic Games performance is very good, their results are 2 gold and 3 silver results.For China’s short track speed skating team, the performance of the Winter Olympic Games is not perfect, there was an anticlimactic situation, but also exposed a lot of deficiencies.Like short-track speed skating last day, the Chinese team’s performance, had attacked the gold medal twice, but two projects are ranked the first place, not for a medal, live fans believe that the world’s most know, game commentary wang meng and zhou Yang also very disappointed, why always humor wang meng finally the black face?Competitive sports are cruel, winter Olympic Games stage too, short track speed skating last day, the Chinese team into the men’s 5000 m final in group A, many netizens think that before the game can get MEDALS, Sun Long accidentally fell down, but the process while the Chinese team finally completed the game, but there is no accident, the final result is not the worst.After the event, sun Long, a short-track speed skater, posted an apology, saying that the fall was caused by a rush of connection, and he sincerely admitted that it was all his fault, making everyone’s efforts in vain!On the other hand, Wu Dajing and others are comforting Sun Long, after all, Sun Long is only 20 years old, his tomorrow is still very long, he can also wear the national flag proud.But for Wu Dajing, the short track speed skating arena left him little time, in the competition Wu Dajing can be said to take out all the strength, desperately speed up to surpass, but competitive sports is so cruel.Wu Dajing’s performance and attitude makes people feel bad. On the ice, wang Meng said: Not every athlete has the next four years!If’s game was an accident, then women athletes yu hon tung’s game to get the bottom first, should be attributed to the tactical problems, watched the game’s friends all know that China yu hon tung take lead slip in the first game tactics, to try very hard to accelerate beyond the second lap, but visible to the naked eye in yu hon tung there are many places to don’t understand, such as straight waist brake to slow down,Many netizens joked: This is a playground, not a children’s playground!Seeing Han Yutong was beyond others, many netizens questioned the tactical arrangement out of the problem, if take the lead then strong lead sliding, why to slow down.Some fans also suspected that the coach had ulterior motives, as it was the South Korean athletes who won the gold medal and the men’s team’s silver medal.Finally, is it really a tactical problem?Did the coach really have ulterior motives?