Shanxi aims to employ 6 million migrant workers this year

2022-05-09 0 By

Report from our newspaper (reporter Liu Jianlin correspondent Li Yanbin) “‘ cloud recruitment ‘is too convenient, do not have to run back and forth, we can understand a lot of post information.The government protects us and makes our job search more secure.”Shanxi Yuncheng Yanhu tower crane driver Yang Shengli not long ago to participate in the town of longju branch of the “live with guard” feeling.After the Spring Festival, on the “steady employment” shanxi continuously, relying on Internet recruitment platform and video conference system, through the “live take duty, remote interview”, partial classification into villages and towns to build “air corridor” obtain employment, for concentrated around for returning back, because of the outbreak were stranded migrant workers employment services workers to provide employment recruitment warm heart.It is reported that this year, the employment of farmers in Shanxi will exceed 6 million in accordance with the ratio of inter-provincial export employment, intra-provincial transfer employment and rural entrepreneurship employment of 1:2:3.Recently, Shanxi issued the Implementation Plan on Stabilizing the scale, Strengthening skills and Improving The Quality of Rural migrant workers’ employment, which clarified 13 implementation measures, including vocational skill training, building excellent labor service brand and improving employment service system.To carry out targeted vocational skills training and consolidate and expand labor service brands is an important way for Shanxi to stabilize the scale, strengthen skills and improve the quality of farmers’ employment.On the basis of organizing vocational skills training for 2.203 million people last year, the Shanxi provincial government has given priority to vocational skills training for 500,000 people this year, and plans to train 100,000 rural migrant workers and 50,000 high-quality farmers this year.On the basis of 105 labor brands such as “Tianzhen nanny” and “Lvliangshan nurse”, Shanxi will further establish the labor brand resource database and guidance catalogue, select 10 provincial labor brands throughout the year, give special awards and subsidies, and make unremitting efforts to create characteristic business cards to expand employment influence.In order to further improve the employment service system, the department of human resources and Social Security of Shanxi will carry out the selection and identification of provincial labor cooperation bases, and encourage local governments to speed up the construction of labor cooperation stations;Strengthen the examination of labor service workstations outside the province, and give full play to the role of post collection and follow-up services.Set up employment service station in each township street, recruit 3 public welfare post personnel to carry out work.