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What are the features of London 1 estate that dare to call super cost-effective?Today, xiaobian will give you an interpretation of the new zone 1 project Graphite Square through 6 highlights.On February 18th, British Property Weekly will join hands with CBRE to hold the first offline London Real estate VIP investment private meeting in 2022.Editor Fan shares tips and trends on London property market investment;How do investors respond to a series of interest rate hikes in the UK and changes in London’s industrial landscape in the post-covid-19 era?Face to face communication, experts answer questions to solve doubts!VIP party, limited seats, please make an appointment.This London Property VIP investment private meeting is located in a newly renovated top office building in central London. Seats are limited. Please fill in your contact information via the qr code below to obtain the address and invitation letter.Photo: CBRE UK Headquarters Date: 18 February 14:00-18:00 BST Venue: Central London Speaker:The new Graphite Square is located in Vauxhall Hub of Central London rail Transport District 1, which is five minutes’ walk away from the site. It has outstanding comprehensive advantages:One of the most cost-effective projects in London 1, with an average price 10%-30% lower than other new projects in the same area;5 minutes walk to Vauxhall Hub with quick access to London’s central Business District and universities;Walk 2-3 minutes to the River Thames;Less than 17 minutes walk to Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London;Within walking distance, there are complete supporting facilities for life, leisure, entertainment and education.Located in a key upgrading area of the London Municipal Government, the potential for house price appreciation is huge…Even though prices in Vauxhall have risen rapidly in the past decade or so, they are still nearly half as cheap as those in Victoria, Millbank and Pimlico, the traditional prime areas directly under the Thames Bridge, which directly means high cost performance and potential for appreciation.The study shows that there are wide price differences in some areas on both sides of the River, with premium rates of up to 93 per cent.In Vauxhall, where Graphite Square is based, the average price of a flat is about £754,000, compared with £1.23m across the river in Westminster.The difference shows just how much room Vauxhall has to go up in the near future.Graphite Square, with prices starting at just £699,950, is a real “price depression” in Central London.Vauxhall, meanwhile, has great potential as part of a £15bn upgrade of central London.As Jiuyu New Area gradually enters the mature stage, the vitality brought to the neighborhood by the upgrading project will drive significant increase in residential values and rents in the coming years.Property prices in the Graphite Square project area are expected to grow 18-25% by 2025, according to estimates.Vauxhall has experienced an explosion in popularity over the past few years, with a huge increase in interest, particularly from young professionals, students and corporate tenants.Graphite Square is located on the south bank of the River Thames in Vauxhall, core 1 district of London, which is a mature district with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities in central London.It is located in a superior location, facing Chelsea and Pimlico, London’s traditional and affluent neighborhoods. To the north is Lambeth District, the Religious center of the UK, and to the south is Nine Elm New Area, where the new US Embassy in the UK is located. It is within walking distance of landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.Thanks to its great, central location, Chelsea, one of the most desirable and affluent districts in central London, is within 10 minutes of Graphite Square.Ten minutes’ drive from Graphite Square brings together the following key London landmarks:Buckingham Palace — 6 minutes Hyde Park — 9 minutes Harrods — 10 minutes Chelsea — 10 minutes Selfridges — 12 minutes If you prefer walking, Tate Britain is within 17 minutes from Graphite Square;Landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and the South Bank Arts Centre are only 20 minutes away.Graphite Square is located in the heart of Vauxhall. It is only 5 minutes’ walk to Vauxhall Underground station, from which you can take underground, commuter trains, buses,Very fast access to Waterloo, Victoria, Oxford Street, King’s Cross and other important Business/leisure/employee hubs in London.London’s three major airports are within 40 minutes.From Vauxhall Underground: Victoria station – about 4 minutes Green Park – about 6 minutes King’s Cross – about 12 minutes Bond Street – about 13 minutes Canary Wharf – about 24 minutes By train from Vauxhall station, just one stop (4 minutes) to transport hub Waterloo Station.The metro Jubilee line, the Northern Line, the Bakerloo line, the Waterloo & City Line and trains to the south-east coast of England converge.For investors, convenient access to high-quality educational resources of all ages is definitely an extra bonus of a project, which will bring returns to investors in terms of rent and housing price growth when it is held for a long time.Thanks to its core location and easy transport links, Graphite Square has easy access to many of the UK’s top education institutions.For example, Chelsea College of Art is less than 20 minutes away from the project on the north bank of the Thames.Rail transport also provides easy access to King’s College near Waterloo, Central Saint Martins near King’s Cross and UCL near Warren Street from Graphite Square.Imperial College London, The London School of Economics and the School of Oriental and African Studies are also within easy reach.As a result, Vauxhall also attracts a large number of international students.As well as the world’s top universities, Britain’s private schools are also popular with wealthy parents around the world.Prince George and Princess Charlotte are studying at Thomas.S Battersea is also a 15-minute drive from Graphite Square.Westminster Public School, the private school with the most admission letters from Niu Jian, is separated from Graphite Square project by the river, about 7-10 minutes by car, and only 20 minutes by foot.It is easy to imagine that such a convenient location makes Graphite Square a Thomas'S Battersea or Westminster is a choice for parents of pupils.For a downtown district 1 project, Graphite Square’s livability is also a highlight.In the face of the COVID-19 lockdown, livability is becoming an increasingly important consideration when choosing a home.Although Graphite Square is not a waterfeature project along the river, it is only 2-3 minutes’ walk to the River Thames, where residents can see the US Embassy, Vauxhall Bridge, Tate Britain gallery, Parliament Building, Big Ben, the London Eye and other important London landmarks.Description: Vauxhall miserable walk along the river provides residents with an ideal place to look for a leisurely walk, a morning jog and a drink with friends.And one of the best is Albert Miserable’s saloon, moored in Vauxhall.The deck of this “bar” offers views of the Houses of Parliament across the river, with purple, pink and blue lights reflecting in the water, perfect for summer romances in London.Tamesis Dock Albert Miserable in Vauxhall.Photo: The poop seat offers a fascinating view.Meanwhile, on the south side of Graphite Square is Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, a clean spot in one of London’s busiest districts, made up of 12 acres of green space and charming walks.Photo: Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens offers a variety of activities throughout the year.In summer, it is also the site of many outdoor activities, such as outdoor concerts and outdoor film festivals.In addition, on the east side of the park is Vauxhall City Farm, where residents with children can bring their children to get up close and personal with Farm animals.The FarmVauxhall Pleasure Gardens date back to the 17th century.After ups and downs spanning centuries, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens have enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the past decade or so.This is the scene in Netflix’s Bridgerton where the two characters make a pact.Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in the 17th century was a convenient place to live, with a variety of supermarkets, restaurants and pubs.Close to Vauxhall station, a five-minute walk from the project, there is a convergence of Fast & Easy, Tesco Express, Little Waitrose and Sainsbury’s 'S Local and other supermarkets are sufficient to meet the daily shopping needs of residents.At The same time, there are many well-known bars, restaurants and cafes within a 5-10 minute walk, such as The Rose Bar, Pico Bar & Grill, Brunswick House restaurant, Tea House Theatre and many more.If the local restaurants and bars are not enough, take three stops on the underground to Green Park in the heart of the city, home to the Ritz, London’s most famous 5-star hotel;Or head towards Leicester Square, where you can enjoy a variety of Chinese food, milk tea and local snacks.Shopping in Harrods, Selfridges and Fast fashion Oxford Street are all within 20 minutes of Graphite Square.Third. I, a leading property developer in Australia, is building a modern residential complex called Graphite Square, which includes residence, office and retail.Graphite Square includes 160 new apartments and more than 80,000 Square feet of shared office space, plus 400 Square feet of retail space.The project has a variety of apartment types, including 1-3 bedroom apartments with fine decoration.Every room in the apartment is carefully designed with clean lines and plenty of space.The subtle blend of low-key tones and post-industrial materials, such as exposed brick and metal, creates a sense of urban tranquility.Each apartment is equipped with a private balcony to provide residents with access to nature and sunshine, while the Design of the Winter Garden greatly enhances the residents’ interior area.I Location: Vauxhall, 1 Central London Property: 999 Year To Completion: 2024 Price: from £699,950 with 5% down payment fee: £4/ ft Purchase Process: Deposit £2,500;5% of the purchase price payable at the time of exchange of the contract; 5% of the purchase price payable 12 months after the exchange of the contract; 90% of the remaining amount payable at the time of delivery (expected in 2024)