Will 3,500 yuan a month be enough for qingzhou, Shandong in 2022?

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Qingzhou, Shandong, one of the ancient nine states, is now a county-level city under Weifang, the kite capital of the world.A fifth-tier county without the glory of the past, but still vibrant.In 2010, my husband and I resigned from Suzhou city, which ranked first in GDP in Jiangsu Province, and returned to our hometown, where my husband grew up, to start a new life.Today, I went to hongde Logistics Park to deliver goods. There were more trucks waiting for delivery than there were minivans.The transportation industry has also entered the situation of “more monks but less flesh”.A few days ago, we talked about falling transportation prices, oil prices, rising labor costs, pressure followed.The price is lower and lower, but the stock is less and less.Life will inevitably have lows and highs. In the global economic environment of China, the changes that people at the bottom are experiencing in their lives are more convincing.Economists sit in cosy offices crunching numbers through computers that are boring and slow to sleep.Ask experts to go deep into the bottom of the society, to see us these people, these are still struggling silently for the life of ordinary people.Often go to the delivery of a logistics company, the owner’s wife in front of the computer to give customers a list of goods.I then make fun of instinctively way: today the owner’s wife is good have refined, how oneself open a bill?The owner’s wife saw me smiling happily to deliver goods, li Mara took my hand and began to talk business.Last year, the girl who worked at this desk went back to have a baby. It has been several days since she opened the office, and she has been unable to find a suitable replacement. She asked me to recommend some suitable solders for her.I asked the job requirements very bluntly: 3,500 yuan per month, 8 am to 5 PM.Peak season requires occasional overtime until 6-7pm.Age 20-30, education background, male or female, good at office software.Flexible mind, bold heart, can bear hardships and stand hard work.The logistics industry has almost no holidays all year round. The longest holiday is the Lunar New Year, with bonuses and gifts at the end of the year.My son, who had not yet started school, heard the news and jokingly shook my hand and whispered to me: Mom, are you suitable for this job?Can earn some extra money, 3,500 such a high salary, sitting in the office playing computer what a good thing!The child is still a child, the children’s speech is incisively and vividly.He thinks the monthly salary of 3,500 yuan is quite high, but for a young man who has to raise children, buy a house and buy a car, is the monthly salary high in Qingzhou, Shandong province?Can you buy a car or house without pressure?Can you support your kids, your parents, your family’s education, your car?Calm down, let me analyze: a monthly salary of 3500, a month without rest, the average daily salary of 100 yuan.The 20-30 year old are the post-1995 and post-2000 generation.Most of them are unmarried and childless, without the pressure of mortgage and car loan, without the trouble of raising parents, without the helplessness of educating children.Working eight hours is reasonable, and most of these young people have a college degree or above, making it a piece of cake to operate office software.However, many young people recoil at the hardship and hard work alone.If you need help loading, unloading and carrying items, you may give up in a few days.The parents of this generation, mostly in their 60s and 70s, have already bought cars and houses for their children to get married in the future, and the biggest financial expenses have been settled.Many of the best of these young people choose to work in first – and second-tier cities, where there are more career opportunities, higher salaries, and access to more educated and forward-thinking peers.Fewer and fewer young people in their 20s and 30s are returning to fifth-tier cities after graduating from college.Unless it’s a lack of ability, or family ties that force you to stay.Those who have full of passion and revenge of the youth, how can in the office clerk this one see the head, see no future of the post of mechanical, brainless repeat waste of time?I suggest the owner’s wife to change the salary, if the performance is satisfactory, a few hundred yuan bonus every month, equivalent to earning money with ability, hand can reach about 4000.The age of appropriate relaxation to 40 years of age, at least to cover the majority of post-80s.Among the post-80s generation, many have received high school or college degrees.If it is a woman, she has a more traditional upbringing and is married with children.If their children are older than three when they enter kindergarten, they should be eager to join society and return to work.Mothers without advanced degrees should have a pretty good chance of doing the job.Simple chat for a while, I promised the owner’s wife to stay around the girl boy, there is a suitable must recommend to her.All the way back, I was thinking.As a “financial supervisor” with two children, my daily salary of 100 yuan is not enough for daily expenses.When buying a car, you have to pay the loan, buy insurance and do maintenance.To buy a house to pay the mortgage, to decorate and buy furniture, property costs, heating costs, water, electricity and gas broadband phone bills and so on;Children’s education to dress and eat, playground to apply for a card, learning talent class, grow too fast to timely supplement nutrition, clothing size a year to change;Parents give red envelopes during Chinese New Year holidays, sick headache to physical examination, diagnosis and treatment, birthday gifts;They also have to buy serious illness insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance as the main pillar of the family.Above all, average to every day, 100 yuan is just a drop in the ocean.In 2022, no matter how difficult the future may be, keep doing what you love, keep warm to new and old customers, and make progress together!