The director of the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration went to Shenzhen to direct and support the discharge of the first 14 confirmed cases in Hong Kong

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China News Service, Beijing, February 17According to the National Health Commission (NHC) on Monday, 92 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed on the Chinese mainland, including 35 local cases (16 in Jiangsu, 7 in Liaoning, 7 in Guangdong, 3 in Inner Mongolia, 1 in Guangxi and 1 in Yunnan).As of 24:00 On February 16, the number of confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland had reached 1,420, with 4,636 deaths and 107,288 confirmed cases reported.A total of 13,201 imported cases have reached 731, with no death reported.National bureau of CDC shenzhen command coordination mainland medical resources Support Hong Kong outbreak on February 16, shenzhen new indigenous cases, 6 cases as a quarantine has set the “0213” cases in contact, close to 14 days in a state of the closed-loop management during work, the work locus of activity dormitory to isolate hotel “two point one line”.At present, Shenzhen CDC has sequenced the complete genome of the Novel Coronavirus virus from case 1 to case 5 of “0213”, and the results are omicron variant strain (BA.2 evolutionary branch).By comparison, the Novel Coronavirus sequences of cases 1 to 5 were highly homologous, suggesting the same transmission chain.Genetic sequencing of cases 6 to 11 is ongoing.According to Chinese state media, Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health Commission and director of the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, led a delegation to Shenzhen on February 16 to attend the Mainland’s coordination meeting on supporting Hong Kong’s fight against COVID-19.An expert working group meeting was held on Monday to instruct Guangdong province to send the first batch of mainland experts and mobile nucleic acid testing vehicles to Hong Kong on the same day.The next step will be to organize and coordinate resources from all sides of the health system to help the Hong Kong SAR government contain the rapid spread of the epidemic as soon as possible, the report said.At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Baise city on February 17, Xin Yongquan, deputy director of Baise Health Commission, said that the first 14 confirmed cases in Baise city had met the COVID-19 diagnosis and Treatment Protocol (Revised eighth edition) set by the National Health Commission on the same day.After discharge, he will be transferred to the rehabilitation ward for further treatment of basic diseases and health monitoring.On February 16, baise city confirmed 1 new local case in Debao County.The new case has been transferred to a designated medical institution for treatment in a closed loop and is in stable condition.A total of 271 local confirmed cases had been reported in Baise as of 24:00 Sunday.Xin yongquan stressed that adjusting epidemic prevention and control measures does not mean lifting the epidemic control.We must stay focused on epidemic prevention and control, resolutely put an end to paralysis, fluke and laxity, adhere to the general strategy of “preventing imports from abroad and preventing rebound from within” and the general policy of “dynamic zero-out”, and consolidate the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control.All 16 new confirmed cases in Jiangsu province on Feb 16 were in Suzhou, according to data.Suzhou reported 3 new locally confirmed cases and 5 asymptomatic cases between midnight and midnight On Monday.A total of 45 confirmed cases and 16 asymptomatic cases have been reported in Suzhou as of 12 o ‘clock On Monday. All of them are being treated in isolation in designated medical institutions.At present, there are 29 medium-risk areas in Suzhou.It is also reported that Suzhou has spent 120 million yuan on epidemic prevention and control since the February 13 outbreak.