The same zhang Sanfeng, Jet Li fengshen, Wu yue greasy, director can not touch porcelain

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In 1993, an action film called Tai Chi Zhang SAN Feng was released, starring Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Qian Xiaohao and others.The film’s theme song “Fate” is composed by Luo Dayou, Lin Xi wrote the lyrics, even now is never out of date classic.In 2008, it was rated by foreign media as one of the 19 greatest kung fu films in the film history.The characters in Tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng are all very successful, especially Jet Li’s Zhang Sanfeng, who has a brilliant personality.Early days he is just an honest little monk, usually always bullied by the elder brother Dong Tianbao, but the cheerful Zhang Sanfeng leads very happy every day.Later betrayed by his elder brother, many friends died tragically, Zhang Sanfeng was seriously injured and crazy for a long time.Through the double training of spirit and body, Zhang Sanfeng finally realized the law of heaven and earth and created Taijiquan.The film’s lively fighting scenes and clearly visible character development make Zhang Sanfeng a unique classic image created by Jet Li.Twenty-nine years later, wuyue, who is also a kung fu star, took on the role again in the online film Zhang Sanfeng.Unfortunately, this time zhang Sanfeng not only with classic missed, and even appear particularly greasy.The film mainly tells the story of zhang Sanfeng, a disciple of the Wuji school, who is carefree and undisciplined at ordinary times and has his own views on the difference between good and evil.Later, wuji was killed, Zhang Sanfeng realized the truth of Yin and Yang through the fusion of good and evil kung fu, the ultimate success of revenge.Zhang Sanfeng the character, due to the middle after an Epiphany after the establishment of great progress, so no matter Jet Li edition or Wu Yue edition are intentional to reflect the difference in temperament.Judging by Wuyue’s performance, he was so – early he was a cynical, even some ruffians ruffian character.No matter in front of his teachers or brothers, he always shows an attitude of “everyone is drunk and I wake up alone”.He can look for evil to send ace kui day to go privately to learn martial arts, and do not hesitate to show when comparing martial arts with teacher younger brother.He would also defend the city for his friends, but only to earn some money.He also seemed unconcerned when he lost the key to the all-important iron box of Heaven.At this time, Zhang Sanfeng was completely a man with no distinction between good and evil, no feelings of family and country, and no sense of importance.Such people set with Jet Li version of the honest different, very unpleasant.In reality, we tend to reject bullies because their behavior is so out of step with our common values.It’s harder to like them when they’re the main characters in a movie.And with Wuyue already 46 years old, it would be hard to disagreewith playing such a decidedly younger character.It’s no different than a woman in her 40s or 50s playing a teenage girl.In addition, there is a very young girl who has been chasing after Zhang Sanfeng and Shouting that she will marry you when she grows up.This contrast of more than 40 years old, is not strange shu shu and the configuration of the little girl?Why don’t you just type “greasy” on the screen.However, in the movie, she tells us that Zhang Sanfeng is a free and unfettered personality.But it’s obviously not the right one, because being happy and being a tramp are two different things.In 2005, Chinese Paladin, a fantasy drama adapted from a game, was released.There is a character called wine sword fairy, usually addicted to wine such as life crazy, in addition to wine and health and do not care about other things.A poem was written specifically for him.”Imperial sword wind, in addition to the devil between heaven and earth, there is wine happy and unfettered, no wine I also epilepsy.Drink up the river, and then drink up the sun and the moon, a thousand cups of drunk, but I wine xianxian.”I think this kind of character is more in line with the characteristics of carefree.Wuyue’s Zhang Sanfeng is a bit of an oddity.See the beauty can not move the road, often think through alchemy to make money, usually wine gourd from the body, every day the martial arts without good and evil points hang in the mouth……If such people can be described as “unfettered”, then there is no unfettered person in the world.Zhang Sanfeng in the later period can be described as broken by war.In the beginning, he was just a disciple of the Infinite school, competing with his younger brother for the position of master.After villain kui day line escaped from prison killed zhang Sanfeng’s master, namely wulin the first person fire dragon real person.Although Zhang Sanfeng wants to avenge his master, his kung fu is far from being a match for Chief day.Then the real big BOSS Wei Lin Chuan appeared, directly seconds to kill the kui day line.At this time the division of war should be like this: Wei Lin Chuan & GT;Chief day line & gt;Fire Dragon & GT;Zhang sanfeng.Results zhang Sanfeng was xiuluo Ji and faceless judge two killers into the bottom of the lake, fighting inexplicable surge, directly jumped to the strongest war.And in character thought, but also with the early ruffians ruffian to a 180 degree reversal, as if became a generation of masters.However, there is no reasonable preparation for the growth of skills and thoughts in the film, which can be said to come suddenly.From the perspective of zhang Sanfeng’s production team, this kind of character setting is very disappointing, and even far less reasonable than other online universities.On the other hand, Jet Li’s Zhang Sanfeng is too reasonable.He was betrayed, injured, mad, sober and so on a series of processes, this in the jaws of death before the experience is bound to make his mind produced a huge change.Later, after observing the process of tumbler and the growth of all natural things, he realized the principle that all things complement each other and created Taijiquan.You see, both in thought and in martial arts, Jet Li’s Zhang Sanfeng has a very clear vein.The most important thing is that Jet Li doesn’t stand on the moral high ground and say something untruthful. He actually takes down dong Tianbao, the villain.As for the imperial court, the army, the people and other things beyond the ability of the characters, the movie is trying to avoid being linked with Jet Li.On the contrary, Wu Yue’s version of Zhang Sanfeng dug a hole for himself but could not fill it.The big BOSS in the movie Wei Lin Chuan was originally the frontier general, but the BOSS deduct military pay, fish people, when the enemy invasion is not reported directly retreat.In the face of these problems, Wei Lin Chuan decided to clean up on their own.Whether it’s the right way or not, at least he’s trying.But Wuyue will only say that “the good is like water, water is good for all things without conflict, is the way of heaven” “know its white, guard its black, this is the world” to lie down.This means that we ignore the problems in the real world. Corrupt officials and territories are invaded and we just ignore them.Wu’s version of Zhang Sanfeng is a combination of unreasonable, unlikable and empty, making Zhang a ruffian and greasy weirdo.Click “follow” to encourage.