The two big mountains that affect fertility, how should solve?The birth rate is likely to rise

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Our country population aging problem increasingly serious in recent years, the subsequent have lower birth rate, which means that the population has emerged an attenuation trend in our country, has long been enjoying the demographic dividend in China, the huge population base to make our country have a large number of labor, rising year after year, the gross national product of more than 1.4 billion population in our country,Rates, zero zero after less than a quarter of the population, in the nineties of the last century, our country introduced family planning policy, to the huge increase of the population of China is improving, according to experts predict that if did not carry out family planning, may now have a population of 1.8 billion in our country, also affected by the family planning policy, now rates are almost zero zero after the one-child family,In order to control the age structure of the population, the state opened the two-child and three-child policy. Since the policy was opened, no obvious improvement has been seen.Pension may make ends meet, whether any system, the balance is the cornerstone of the development of long-term, age composition inequality in our country nowadays, after ten years or twenty years in the future may bring great hidden trouble, with the passage of time, the aging population is more and more serious, more and more retired people, this is not only a challenge to young people and countries will face the challenge ofThe average life expectancy of Our country has exceeded 70 years old, and there are fewer and fewer young people who can pay social security. The country is consuming more and more in pension expenditure, and it is likely to have a situation of living beyond its means in the future.Young people living pressure with the rapid development of economy, house prices keep rising prices, the pressure on young people’s lives is more and more big, make a lot of young people just into the society with thirty years of huge mortgage, two young people’s income to support a family of six to eight, this is a nightmare for young people, now state in order to reduce the pressure of the young life,On the one hand, considering that the average life expectancy is long and the health of the elderly can alleviate the current shortage of labor force in the market, on the other hand, the elderly have jobs and economic income, so the pressure of the young to support the elderly will be relieved, and some of the elderly can also supplement their children.The two mountains of seriously affect the fertility of the aging of population in the future is not the influence of the main, the decline in fertility is fatal to national development, asked the elderly group after one hundred if there is no new life group to join, a country is likely to collapse, now open two three one-child policy, young people still don’t want to get married have children, there are two major mountain pressure in the body,One is soaring housing prices, even if national regulation of housing prices, but prices have been high, especially in some cities, the rural population into cities has been the norm, a second-tier cities income is high, is the first choice for many young people, in the country last year again for real estate regulation and house prices falling trend,This means that in the future, young people will not have to bear too much mortgage pressure to buy a house, and they will still have the economic capacity to raise the birth rate.Is second burden the cost of education, the young of today’s parents for their children don’t lose on the starting line, attend extra classes, the various fees spent relatively in the cram school, already far above normal overhead at school, the national to the pressure type teaching reform, to carry out the “ShuangJian policy”, the policy after launch, pressure will reduce children’s learning,Extra classes will be banned, which will reduce the educational cost of raising a child for young couples without worrying about the “affordability” of having a child.When the two mountains that weigh on young people are removed, young people’s desire to marry will rise and fertility will rise accordingly.