Huang xiaoming and Jiang Xin were mistaken for each other, and the two posted a video interaction, which Jiang Xin refuted in the comments section

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Just announced their divorce huang xiaoming is misunderstood and rulu together, the reason is that huang xiaoming previously released a video in the gym, he is in the very fire recently ice mound mound effects, but also the cue rulu, then rulu also drying out a video, also is to use ice mound mound of special effects, eagle-eyed Internet users in the video released soon discovered that huang xiaoming rulu figure.Actually appear such circumstance is not surprising, because now huang xiaoming and rulu is act together, both at the same time, so they appear in the gym is not surprising at the same time, and huang xiaoming running news also confirmed his in the cast of this, however, eat the melon masses can not miss such a good chance of disinformation two people together, see a net friend,Jiang Xin was the first to refute the rumor in the comments section.She said “What a mess” and “We are brothers”. I have to say that such a response is really a high emotional intelligence, turning the originally embarrassing gossip into a joke, and netizens also feel very happy, which is what we want to see.In fact, Huang Xiaoming’s bold propaganda jiang Xin also reflects that they are actually filming together.Have to say that this session of net friend is who can ke is ah, this not say huang xiaoming said beauty is really funny, although young, but let people don’t recognize it directly, as not everyone is suitable for open skin care, women’s beauty is very good, boy or don’t know much about photography, in the interaction of small make up seems that they should be to give his work to preheat,This is all understandable.Xiao Bian thinks that artists are also human beings, and we should not look at them so closely, especially this kind of actors. It is normal for them to have their own private life, even if they fall in love, it is also their freedom. Do fans really want their idols to die alone?Everyone can’t avoid the interaction with the opposite sex in their own life, let alone those entertainers in the entertainment industry, chasing stars is for the pursuit of beauty, we still don’t get so deep.In fact the two men spread gossip is no one will believe, not to mention huang xiaoming just divorce, he said to rulu’s character and family condition nowadays, people could not find a with children, this is not reality, and rulu is a very quick temper of woman, if you really fall in love she is not hiding anything, because people don’t care about the fame,Because now she really does not lack money, this is everyone can understand.Act as for huang xiaoming by ease the shadows of the divorce was understandable, we can only bless her, to find their own true love, small make up personal or appreciate him, although he took a lot of fat role, but there is no denying that he also contributed a lot of wonderful works, in addition to television, film starring he also won the majority of Internet users,He has acting skills. Look forward to his new work.Will certainly to find scandal in the entertainment circle, appear such circumstance we do not use too much care, actually no fan control evaluation and interpretation, artists a rumor can dissolve, and huang xiaoming and rulu also don’t worry about things, because they are interactive, deliberately not netizens routines they this time, but they show rumor mongers, this wave of huang xiaoming and rulu in the atmosphere,This campaign has done more to promote the new show than any spending campaign.