Li Guyi: The Spring Festival Gala singing 9 songs so far no one beyond, Teresa teng in front of her is also a small star

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She was the first to board the gala singer, sing nonstop, posted the gala stage, active in the stage of nearly twenty years, so far we still can hear her at the end of the Spring Festival gala “unforgettable tonight,” she inconveniences, when judges see mild-manner singer with talent for singing, her qualifications, after renga Teresa teng in front of her is a little star.So li Guyi’s body has what superhuman place after all, ability has such top position in the music circle?Record the mark of The Times, recall the classic moment, taste life.In this issue, we will take you into the wonderful life of li Guyi, a famous singer.In 1944, Li Guyi was born in An ordinary family in Kunming, Yunnan province. His parents were both teachers and had stable jobs.Since childhood, the parents do not relax the training of Li Guyi, hoping that Li Guyi can become a lady, inherit their career.But Li Guyi likes singing, and she doesn’t like the life her parents have arranged for her.When Li was five years old, she had an old TV set at home. She watched singing shows on TV. She was fascinated by the show, where she sang songs under gorgeous lights.She practices her voice at home every day and hums some tunes.The parents saw that their child truly loved acting and respected her choice.After graduating from middle school, Li Guyi entered Hunan Art Institute to study. With his unique voice and talent in music, the theater soon paid attention to this good child.In 1961, Li Guyi successfully entered huagu Opera Theater and became a theater actor.Li Guyi is very popular in the theater. She is young, has a unique voice, and looks are elegant.In 1964, 20-year-old Li Guyi starred in her first flower-drum opera related film, Mending the Pot, which aroused great response upon its release and won her an outstanding performance award.Her sophisticated voice and meticulous performance also brought the audience to notice this unknown figure.Li Guyi gets Jin Tielin appreciation after 3 years, worship its study under the door.In 1974, li guyi was selected as a soloist by the Central Orchestra due to her unique singing talent. From then on, she gradually emerged in the singing industry.In 1979, Li Guyi’s “Love in the Countryside” came out of the blue. Its popular singing method of introducing air sound caused great controversy in the singing circle. Some people sought after it, some criticized it, and some even called it as decadent music.Li Guyi was caught in a storm, but it was this song that made her famous and laid the foundation for her status in the singing industry.In 1983, Li Guyi was invited by the chief director of CCTV Spring Festival Gala and performed on the stage for the first time.She performed nine solo songs, including the controversial Love in the Country.This Spring Festival Gala Li Guyi caused great attention, after all, on the Spring Festival Gala stage a solo sing nine songs, so far in addition to her no one beyond.It was also during this year’s Spring Festival Gala that Li Guyi’s “Rural Love” was recognized by the mainstream, selling more than 100,000 copies and being selected as “favorite album” and “most popular album”.Li Guyi’s career ushered in the peak stage, between the streets all play her songs.In 1986, Li guyi was invited to become a judge of the National Pop Song Competition, and it was at this competition that she spotted CAI Guoqing, a swift horse.CAI Guoqing once said that Li Guyi is like his second mother. At home, mother loves you the most and takes care of what you eat and what you wear, but li Guyi and her mother gave him a lot of help in career.In 1988, With great influence, Li Guyi was selected into the World’s Outstanding People list in the United States, and won many awards, and was called the “World artist”.In 1991, Li Guyi came to a low point in his life, when the case between Li Guyi and Wei Wei came to court, known as “the first case in the music world”.Let li Guyi image plunged between the moment, standing on the cusp of the storm.Nearly 40 press conferences in a row to prove his innocence.Finally, Li Guyi won the lawsuit, and the whistleblower apologized to Li Guyi and restored li Guyi’s reputation. Then the storm gradually subsided, and ten years later, Li Guyi and Wei Wei also shook hands.Since the 1990s, Li Guyi has participated in many music programs, and she can also be seen at the judges’ table in each music competition.In 2011, li gu yi was invited to attend the chat, tells the story of his fifty years of career changes in temperature and touched, li gu yi this year 67 years old, not make public, more is inherent in the precipitation, she thanked her fans on stage, to thank those of you who have supported her and felt sorry for her mistake, she said that she will continue to offer music his life.In 2021, Li Guyi, a teacher, appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage again as the frontrunner. This is the 19th time that she appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage at the age of 76, and she also stood on the stage again after the death of her husband and endured great grief.Since 1984, she has been associated with the Spring Festival Gala, and her songs have accompanied the growth of generations of 80, 90 and 00.Every year after midnight, her song “Unforgettable Tonight” rang out on time to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.Li Guyi’s life is successful, but the relationship is not smooth, she has experienced two marriages.The first time is her and beller Jin Tielin, at that time Li Guyi relies on the first comedy film of life, got the appreciation of Jin Tielin, worship into its door, Li Guyi also made great progress below its guidance, gradually two people each other unripe sincere feeling went together.However as Li Guyi is more and more successful, the time that two people are together is less and less also, also did not communicate between each other communication, husband and wife affection is broken gradually also, because do not have the child all the time again reason, 2 people also produced estrangement gradually, final this paragraph of love husband and wife ends in order to divorce hastily.Li guyi’s second marriage was to his fan Xiao Zhuoneng.Xiao Zhuo can work busy, successful, but often come to listen to Li Guyi’s concert, love became love.Later learned that Li Guyi after divorce Xiao Zhuoneng launched a fierce pursuit of Li Guyi, send flowers, see her every concert, gradually Li Guyi also fell in love with Xiao Zhuoneng, two people also happily entered the palace of marriage.They are also happily married and have a daughter who has supported each other over the years.Xiao Zhuoneng died of illness in 2020 at the age of 78.Now Li Guyi is still active in front of the big screen, singing life with music, accompany us to meet year after year.Li Guyi has a very high status in the music world. Her songs are delicate, soulful, elegant and bright, just like a scroll that unfolds slowly.Her personality is warm generous not stiff, to the younger generation to help.She is like an old artist of virtue and skill, interpreting the stage with love.She left behind many popular songs, “My Country and I”, “Velvet Flower”, “Country Love”, “Unforgettable Tonight” and so on.She is the pioneer of Chinese pop music, famous singer, even Teng Lijun in front of her is only a small star, she is worthy of the artist.People’s life always has to experience some ups and downs, there is no smooth road, not to say plain sailing life, but after falling into the abyss, we still need to keep a love of moving forward, just like Li Guyi, although it is not pleasing but also insist on moving forward.Life is not satisfactory nine times out of ten, most of the time we can do is to calm down and precipitation themselves, then we will find that everywhere we look is the scenery, everywhere we go there is warm sun.The Dark Valley is just a small test in a long life.After reading li Guyi’s story, do you have any ideas?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better articles.