The Courier boy tired to rest his feet!Qingdao Youth League committee issued the first batch of 27 “warm bee Courier station”, all day free open

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Peninsula all media reporter Wang Liping in order to better care for the youth express industry, promote the “I do practical things for the youth” theme practice activities, help the youth development of friendly city construction and the national model city of civilization, February 18 morning, organized by the Communist Youth League Qingdao Municipal Committee, Qingdao Civilization Office, Qingdao Postal Administration,The youth League Committee of Haier Group and Laoshan District Committee of the Communist Youth League undertook the release ceremony of Qingdao Express Industry Youth care Action “Warm Bee Courier Station” in Laoshan District Sanyibird Haier Zhijia Qingdao Experience Center.Wang Xiaoyou, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Qingdao Municipal Committee, Jiang Hongfa, Deputy Director of Qingdao Civilization Office, Huang Qiyun, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Qingdao Postal Administration, Xu Zhe, Deputy Director of Laoshan District, Laoshan District Committee of the Communist Youth League, Haier Group and other relevant units, as well as young representatives of the express industry attended the ceremony.On the scene of the event, the host units jointly released the first batch of 27 express industry youth care action “Warm Bee Courier Station” based on Haier stores, and distributed love gift packages for the youth in the express industry.The youth representatives of the express industry proposed to the youth of the express industry of the whole city to strive for the creation of a model city of national civilization, calling on everyone to strive for the observance of traffic laws and regulations, enthusiastic volunteers for public welfare, and practitioners of urban civilization, and actively participate in the creation of a model city of national civilization with practical actions.Contribute wisdom and youth strength for Qingdao to build a model city of national civilization.The first batch of Qingdao express industry youth care action “warm bee Courier station” is distributed in haier stores in various districts and cities, open to express industry youth all day free.Station equipped with air conditioning, water dispenser, wifi, emergency rescue packages, books, raincoats, umbrellas and other kinds of equipment, for the express industry within their respective jurisdictions youth with temporary rest, free drinking water, charging online, emergency rescue, book reading, to borrow the umbrella warm, heart services, youth cold can be heating, hot let express industry can enjoy the cool, thirsty to drink water, tired can rest,The “warm bee Courier Station” will be turned into a “gas station” to help youth work in the express industry.In addition, the first batch of “warm Bee Courier stations” based on Haier stores provided basic services, but also added personalized services such as food refrigeration and heating, clothing air washing, psychological counseling and so on.Among them, for the special service of clothing air washing, young people in the express industry can make an appointment to the Haier store “warm bee Courier station” in advance for clothing washing and care.Laoshan District Committee of the Youth League said that it would take this activity as an opportunity, in accordance with the work deployment of the Youth League Committee, to further broaden the “warm hive Courier station” position construction, refine the “warm hive Courier station” service content, to provide full coverage, full chain type warm heart service for the youth express industry.In order to further strengthen the youth this emerging industry youth group cohesion and unity of the leading service, pku youth demand oriented, joint city civilization office, city postal service throughout the city to carry out the express industry youth care action “warm” post position construction, aims to create Courier from youth materialization, integration and facilitation services positions,Create a good social atmosphere for young people in the express industry to integrate into the city, unite and lead the majority of young people in the express industry to actively participate in economic and social construction, and contribute to the high-quality development of Qingdao.Next, 100 pku will promote construction throughout the city of Qingdao youth love action “warm” post express industry, relying on the regional city home of youth, young emerging field “dream space”, community service center, and between the financial, telecommunications, catering and other window units to build “warm” post, youth to express industry provides warm heart services at the same time,Relying on the station position, combined with the communist youth league community youth, youth saloon brand activities such as action, expand youth thoughts lead, voluntary service, express industry policy to preach, rights and interests maintenance, growth, development, and other functions, further enrich the activity form, improve service efficiency, “warm” station to establish a truly express industry youth “visible, ready to into,Well used “warm home.