The film’s rating on Douban, a popular search for “ugly”, dropped to 2.8

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The 2022 Valentine’s Day season kicked off on Feb 14 with the release of three new films, Namely “Ten Years of Love”, “I Want to Go to Your World to Love You” and “Don’t Forget I Love You”.Of the three new films, “Decade’s First Product,” which earned more than 100 million yuan at the box office, has been trending on Weibo as “ugly”, with a rating of only 2.8 points on Douban, prompting a backlash from many fans of the original novel.Some viewers said that some details in the film were not delicate enough and the plot lacked logic.According to lighthouse Professional, as of 21:37 on February 14, the total box office of valentine’s Day 2022 (counting the whole day on February 14) exceeded 510 million yuan, with a total audience of 11,947,300 and a total number of 447,500 performances.The top five films at the box office on That day were: “Ten Years of Love” with 141 million yuan, “Watergate Bridge” with 104 million yuan, “The Killer” with 94.069 million yuan, “I Want to Go to Your World to Love You” with 56.51 million yuan, and “Don’t Forget I Love You” with 45.334 million yuan.Despite a slew of new valentine’s Day releases in recent years, this year’s box office fell short of expectations, according to movie studios.Last year’s Valentine’s Day, which fell on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year and was covered by the Lunar New Year holiday, saw no new releases, and grossed more than 1.4 billion yuan, helped by “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Hello, Li Huanying.”No new film will be released on Valentine’s Day in 2020 due to the epidemic.Back in 2019, Valentine’s Day grossed 651 million yuan.Of all the new films released on Valentine’s Day this year, the one that has caused the most controversy is “Decade One”.The film “ten years a product wen Ru yan” adapted from the book Hai Cangsheng novel of the same name, tells the story of the hero and heroine Of the words of Xi and Wen Heng young love, in their own life on the road intersection and separation of the story.Once serialized, this IP has gained high popularity on the Internet, bearing precious memories of millions of readers. The hero yan xi is the third one in the “TOP100 most attractive male protagonists in novels”.After the film was made into a movie, audiences didn’t seem to like it, trending on Weibo as “ugly” on the day of its release.Some of the viewers who saw the movie joked that it looked like a wedding VLOG.Some fans of the novel point out that the film has little to do with the original novel except for the names of the characters, and the plot and characters have changed a lot.”Ten Years One Product Wen Ru Yan” comments netizen “the circle of old naughty” said on Weibo, “Ten years One product Wen Ru Yan” the original novel is more than 10 years ago, whether the story, design or style may be a little outdated now.And writers may also be to avoid this problem, when writing a sharp amendments were made on the basis of the original novel, but there is no way out of the framework to write a new story, plus some external factors, lead to both the original powder of film, not seen ordinary audience in a romance novel standards, film is still not qualified.Red Star News reporter | Zhang Shihao Intern | Yu Xuejiao editor | Duan Xueying (download Red Star news, report awards!)