The snow is coming again!Guiyang many sections, or road ice!

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A wide range of rain and snow, accompanied by icy roads, is expected to hit Guiyang on The night of February 12, according to the guiyang meteorological Bureau on February 11.From the night of February 12, the rain in the whole city turned to moderate snow, and there was heavy snow in the central and northern terrain, accompanied by ice on the road. The accumulated snow amount in the process was 2 ~ 10 mm, the snow depth was 1 ~ 6 cm, some high altitude areas may be more than 10 cm, and the snowfall in the main city area was about 2 mm.During the day of February 13, the rain and snow will turn cloudy to cloudy, the temperature will rise, and the road ice will be lifted.13 night to 14 day, clear to cloudy, night to morning with frost and fog.Rain, fog and snow in Guiyang will come again!Please pay attention to traffic safety!Based on past freezing,View of kaiyang county, guiyang mountain lakes, GaoPo Township elevation view on higher ground and mountain lakes round-trip every connecting to the central city (such as qian lingshan road, shandong road, Beijing road, etc.) and is expensive urn high-speed, high-speed qian, expensive at high speed, cloud of viaduct on secondary roads and overpass ramp and tunnel, the water flow velocity in the cliff road will become a high incidence of agitation,And 0 to 5 in the morning is easy to coagulate period.Guiyang traffic police reminded citizens to pay close attention to the weather forecast and road information before driving.As the low temperature continues, freezing is easy to occur. Please turn on fog lights, control the speed and keep a safe distance according to the actual situation when driving.When driving on the expressway, in case of fog or mass fog, please turn on the close light, profile light, front and rear position light and danger alarm flash. When visibility is less than 50 meters, please drive into the service area nearby or drive off the expressway.When crossing Bridges, interchange ramps, tunnels, cliffs and water sections, we should reduce the speed in advance, widen the distance between vehicles, drive cautiously, do not hit the direction, step on the accelerator and brake fiercely, beware of road freezing.If there is a traffic accident or vehicle failure, keep in mind that “pull over, evacuate, call the police” to ensure driving safety.According to the severe weather warning issued by the meteorological department, the “850” command center of Guiyang Traffic Police will determine the scope and extent of the impact in advance, issue early warning and forecast, and inform the sub-bureau brigade and high-speed detachment to start the emergency response mechanism.According to the traffic emergency measures of early detection, early warning, early warning and quick disposal, Guiyang traffic police launched a 24-hour patrol mechanism, and will especially strengthen the patrol monitoring of the second ring road and other ring roads under low temperature and bad weather.The latest easy to freeze road section has passed the latest round of easy to freeze road section investigation, 262 easy to freeze road sections have been identified in the whole city, including 35 highways and 49 cloud rock areas.34 in Nanming District, 12 in Wudang District, 28 in Jingkai District, 17 in Baiyun District, 12 in Huaxi District, 13 in Guanshanhu District, 14 in Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone, 10 in GUI ‘an New District, 5 in Qingzhen city, 17 in Xiuwen County, 2 in Kaiyang County, and 14 in Xifeng County.Latest statistics of cloud Rock Area in urban areas and highway Sections prone to freezing:East mountain dongshan Wang Jiaqiao direction long XiaPoChu east dongshan mountain in the direction of public security department of fish back slope new YinChang road XiaPoChu youyi road and qian ling east road intersections in Beijing east road direction Zhou Jiashan floral village road qian lingshan park road bridge deck ruijin road to qian lingshan tunnel heroes head bridge road south road to partial slope mountain jinding crossing into poly yunshan ramp qian lingshan road into poly yunshan ramp of the peopleAvenue Beijing road viaduct ShiBei Road qian spirit to jas close to the gas station Duan Yunshan tunnels is small area, central, close no. 1 bridge road north garden hui street spring thunder road camp slope ramp view of shandong road view mountain small customs import and export your wu bridge surface of longtan tunnel ma chong road century garden street bridge deck pretty slope Station Road overpass and the ramp of the loop section botanical garden flowers of deer to push through a tunnel road DMV change tea roadYour yellow road, central, west erhuanxi zhongba YanZiYan bridge overpass bridge deck your follow road qian spring city road interchange (five downhill) at the gate of the city road base (city intersection in LuYanAn downhill) ring road (ruijin road downhill to the ring road north) people’s avenue commission junction – road intersections in Beijing east road the baihua head office learned central link road segment ark destination on entire sectionArk Cinema Section shuidong Road whole section Beijing East Road Sweet Town section new overpass up and down ramp Yu ‘an Overpass bridge deck and ramp Whole east section of Middle Ring Road Nanming District:Crown chau bridge of baoshan south road viaduct flat peach palace hump bridge group ramp bridge HuaGuoYuan three layers of bridge deck section of people’s avenue fortification square section of xing guan viaduct surface sections five rushed into the west erhuanxi road out of town to the ramp (CAI guan ramp) people avenue is too kind bridge two-way west on the car river bridge west on nanming river bridge top bridge sections in the two-way loop to ban shan town of ramp road 9778Northing new gas station at the entrance to figure cloud close two-way youth soup and close interchange tunnel entrance to the east new district road landscape road to the forest park, the old gate people avenue, jiefang road DaChangLong to nanming river bridge) four company road sections of wangcheng slope began to chaoyang hole sections xincun road in the countryside elementary school before the bridge road loop to nanming river bridge in southern nanyue mountain tunnel sections meng pendulum lang guan avenue interchangeSouthwest loop line 2’s village interchange station in the loop interchange and fuyuan interchange 140 county hongyan produets loop soup jialing road overpass will street (spent 3 hours intersection in the direction of wild cat) HuaGuoYuan Q zone 8 ramp welllon downhill (HuaGuoYuan street in the direction of huaxi district avenue) welllon road bridge under the emancipation of the west tunnel yanan west road south ramp songhua road south road under the five road ramp zhongshan roadHouba Tunnel to Gecha Avenue, Zhongshan Road, Qinglongshan Tunnel, Slope Road, Zunyi Road, U Zone intersection, Zunyi Park, Huilong Bridge, Wudang District:S104 Provincial Road (Yunkai)4 km 0 m to 300 m S104 Provincial Road (Yunkai)18 km to 20 km S104 Provincial Road (Yunkai)21 km to 22 km S104 provincial Road (Yunkai)27 km nameless bridge CAI Jia Guan tunnel accessKou S104 Provincial Highway (Yunkai) Sanjiang Bridge (5km, 300m to 500m) Yangchang Ramp Bridge Surface Yangliutang Bridge Opening zone:44 hospital road long hui interchange viaduct road extension (vanke primary school section) qianjiang road sections (fire brigade) your Ann avenue (with open section) and girls, two-way overpass xinglong to 3 d printing department of bridge of cao cao in the dongfeng Honda road department bridge to jinlong building materials on the downhill hisense interchange two-way nan hui overpass corolla blessings road viaduct drop-down corolla nest village road drop-down boxCorolla pay officer village drop-down trough crown road ShaGe village drop-down drop-down trough trough crown road feng to cloud village corolla Yang village village road corolla pay officer put fire village, village road, corolla road village, village under the wave of corolla road interchange slot 106 county village road 102 village road, the crew of a mengxi village road, no. 2 tunnel via open party school to development avenue scenic mountain roads corolla road overpass the drop-down trough crown roadHua Guan Road, Pull-down Trough, Yangzhong Overpass, Chenliang Village section, Development Avenue, Baiyun District:Platinum viaduct north mark interchange YunDaDao north black stone bridge view your follow Sue viaduct nine gold road, baiyun district turn six township (provincial road 107) to zap the yunwu mountains all sections of city road bridge cat mountain city road all bridge city road Zhou Wushan period of salt sand road, bridge, road salt water village bridge sand road salt sand chauvinists Yin period of salt lime sand highway slope bridge houseWhole sections of northwest mountain area: Meng Guanbi country garden bridge GaoPo Township shimen road sections GaoPo Township genting corolla flowers sihu bridge marble road YunAo meng guan road bridge your dragon put Ann avenue bridge ROM. Double lion mountain bridge road interchange longhu tianhe lake avenue to hardware mechanical and electrical sections of rural road is expensive high-speed huaxi 26 degrees near the bridge deck, hui road JiaXiu south road next to the citizen in the hunchback of jade belt river bridge bridge view mountain lakes:View shandong road bridge bidirectional view to visit ten ertan reservoir bridge bidirectional view nameless mountain village bridge bidirectional qian lake bridge bidirectional remote three periods of ecological road west to rise on the train north station in the north high south elevated loop link section of Beijing west road extension (trade city in the direction of yulin guan) center of longquan street intersection (blue sky driving section) and qian lingshan gold-sun south road and cross -jinqing avenueIntersection of Beijing West Road and Hefei Road (gas station section) Beijing West Road (east to west direction of pull trough) Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone:Societe generale on water street, ramp bridge deck longteng road (weir river crossing surface) longteng mountain road union road bridge deck thousand road, off road and soup, southwest of the old bridge sections loop and intersection to phoenix mountain cemetery road longteng industrial street (ssangyong ecological park bridge deck) yongxing street (huazhong normal high school section of bridge deck) dragon on waterways Li Duan tsou middle ramp bridge deck and colorful road (with colorful avenueFrom the Intersection of Longshui Road to the off-ramp of Guilong Avenue under Baihui Avenue) Longdongbao Avenue Viaduct Section Airport Road Yuliang River Bridge Section Airport Road Viaduct Section Guilong Avenue Section (From Baiyanpo Tunnel to Maodong Interchange)Tide of xianghu lake lake lei lei road bridge when tides xianghu lake bridge in the lake chao lake township land clearance bridge sections tides lake township fort yellow white horse temple bridge sections under the countryside village dam bridge section of lake chao lake township your Ann interchanges chao lake township five layers bridge sections township tides township gaobao lake bridge section of your red tide township sing-an overpass highway overpass section of lake qingzhen:Baima Avenue Hanpaling Section Baima Avenue Yangzheng School Section Hongfeng North Street Panhua Bridge surface Jichang Bridge S307 Long downhill section Jinma Line Maoli Mountain Overpass Section Xiuwen County:G212(Guibi Highway) sanban Bridge 1777KM G212(Guibi Highway) Sanban Bridge 1777KM- David slope bridge, 1758 km white dragon goes great dao city avenue with segment Zhou Wushan tunnel extends to your steel bridge road tied with national road G210 railway bridge to the high dam village road tied with three small sections of long national road G210 high dam class period of liujia slopes with wide well Martin national highway 354 sheep tares rushed long MAO substation expensive as cement plant putuo YaKou six chariot county roads with stone to green damKaiyang County: 002 County Road 0km-10km Road 164 County Road 0KN-5km Xifeng County:The downtown brecilian sections packages in the downtown horse when Tian Daqiao segment gold-sun road section thorn zhushan old factory road map of xifeng station new hot springs road of dill pear slope sections of deer nine highway S308 cold water hole deer horse town of white tiger mouth section do so nine sections carry nine ridge hills, road section comprehensive pave high Tian Kan golden horse road section fire jinshan hot spring town dajian mountain top of the mountain road in a dragon town of studying village, a small village village roadHighway from Nanqiao Village to Xinchang in Ba Town:Guizun Expressway 1307km-1298km Yuzhu Expressway Yongwen Bridge section Guizun Expressway Long section (1314km-1320km) Guizun Expressway Golf section (1324km-1328km) Guizun Expressway Shatin Reservoir Section (1330km-1332km) Guizun Expressway Shawen section (1336km-1338km) Guizun Expressway Shawen section (1336km-1338km) Guizun ExpresswayHigh-speed jianpo section (1340KM – 1342KM) Guihui expressway K1809+K1810(Yangmeibao Bridge) Guihui expressway K1819-K1820+500(Sishallow Bridge, Luodeng River bridge) Guihui expressway K1816+400(Dalongtian Bridge) Huaan expressway K0-K3(Shitouzhai Bridge, Tongmuling interchange) Huaan expressway KK17-k23 (Kaiba Interchange, Zhulinshan Bridge, Liujiyuan section) South Ring Highway Niulangguan Hutong South Ring Highway K13+739(Dangwu 2 Middle bridge) Around the City highway K17+578(Huaxi 1 bridge) around the City highway K19+177(Huaxi Bridge)K22+282(Sishanshao Bridge) Shanghai-Kunming expressway Dry well interchange 1861KM+500M around the city expressway 77 km (Shahe bridge)G6002 Guiyang around the city expressway Jinzhu Bridge (K88+283m)S82 Guizhou-Guizhou Highway Tiger Cave Bridge (K50+850M – K51+150M)G6002 Guiyang around the cityS82 guizhou expressway, K89+ 166MYachihe Bridge (K54+650M – K54+950M) ring high speed 20km+300m(Biliuba bridge) ring high speed 22km+750m(Zhoujiashan bridge) Xiarong high speed 1408km(Hulu Mountain bridge) ring high speed 37km+800m(Maolishan Bridge) Gebuzhai no. 2 bridge Shanghai-Kunming High speed 1877KM — 1884KM Guizong Highway 1722 km to 1736 km Guizong highway 1707 km to 1715 km Zungui double track 305 km to 322 km Zungui double track 291 km to 300 km source: Guiyang traffic police first trial: Luo Yanan second trial: Li Baishan third trial: Wang Xingtao