Total loss of about 400 billion!A share of the “thunder evening peak”, “minefield” concentrated in where?

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“It’s 2018 all over again!””Exclaimed one investor on a social media platform.January 28, the last trading day of the Year of the Ox.After the close, a wave of companies released the 2021 performance forecast, can be called “thunder rolling”, not the most losses, only more.IFinD data show that since the close of the day to 24 o ‘clock in the evening before the day, more than 8 hours, A shares 409 companies issued pre-loss announcement, A total pre-loss 377.2 billion yuan ~ 449.2 billion yuan.Among them, the top 10 listed companies with the largest losses, the highest combined loss of nearly 200 billion yuan.According to the rules of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, The deadline for chinext companies and other companies with volatile performance to release forecasts for 2021 is Jan 31.As the last trading day before January 31, many companies put off “homework” until the last minute.Real estate in 2021, housing enterprises encounter a crisis, in the evening of January 28 pre-loss announcement, there are many housing enterprises.Among them, China Fortune (600340.SH) is expected to lose 33.1 billion to 39.1 billion yuan in 2021.The company said the debt crisis led to the rupture of the capital chain, which had a serious impact on the company’s operations and led to a significant decline in the company’s performance.In addition to CFLD, Blu-ray Development ( is expected to lose 12.037 billion yuan in 2021, from surplus to deficit;The company said the loss was due to operating losses, impairment provision and asset disposal.Sunshine City (000671.SZ) is expected to lose 4.5 billion to 5.8 billion yuan in 2021.New Hualian (000620.SZ) expects a loss of 2.94 billion to 3.72 billion yuan;Zhongtian Financial (000540.SZ) expects a loss of 2.5 billion to 4 billion yuan;Beautiful Real Estate (000667.SZ) expects a loss of 2.5 billion to 3.6 billion yuan.”Minefield” also spread to the real estate subsidiary industry, Gold Mantis (002081.SZ) is expected to ascribe to the listed company shareholders in 2021 net loss of 4 billion to 5 billion yuan, from surplus to loss.The company said that due to the client’s capital turnover difficulties, the commercial acceptance bills received by Evergrande were overdue.Guangtian Group (002482.SZ), the largest supplier of evergrande Real Estate’s fine decoration project, is also not immune, with an expected loss of 4 billion to 5 billion yuan in 2021.Market personage points out to silver persimmon financial reporter: “the reason that housing enterprise concentration explode thunder is very simple, real estate market regulation policy changes, ‘housing does not fry’ has become the main melody.Originally, houses are used to live in, but the previous real estate market used a lot of hype and leverage means, leading to the current crisis of real estate enterprises. In 2021, the national regulation has reached more than 500 times, all of which are policy means such as loan restriction, purchase restriction and sale restriction.The sharp turn of policy leads to the business plan of housing enterprises too late to adjust, there are a lot of problems in sales and payment collection, working capital has dried up, capital chain fracture, and the explosion of thunder is inevitable.The development of housing enterprises has been unable to adapt to policy changes.”Pig enterprises continue to suffer large losses in 2021 pork prices seem to run low in people’s expectations.During the Spring Festival of 2021, pork prices peaked at more than 30 yuan per 500 grams, but are now stable at around 10 yuan per 500 grams.Pork market presents the trend of substantial price reduction, which makes the domestic pig industry seriously impacted.January 28 evening, Zhengbang Technology (002157.SZ) disclosed 2021 performance forecast, 2021 is expected to lose 18.2 billion to 19.7 billion yuan.Zhengbang technology said that during the reporting period, the company carried out strategic transformation, disposed of the low-efficiency sows purchased at a high price in the early stage, and further optimized the population, with a total of 2.2 million dead and fertile sows and gilts, with a loss of 6.2 billion to 6.8 billion yuan.In addition, prepayment of rent, liquidation compensation, materials and other losses amounted to about 1.5 billion yuan, and 1.2 billion yuan was withdrawn.New Hope (000876.SZ) expects to lose 8.6 billion to 9.6 billion yuan in 2021.Although the margin of loss did not catch up with wen’s shares a few days ago, but the pot calls the kettle black.A private equity industry told reporters that the breeding large losses of having nothing to do with their “reverse operation”, pork prices in each big pig increases production companies, now in the face of falling pork prices and feed raw materials prices rise continuously, lead to the profit of the company’s business of pigs breeding steep decline, enabling the company to deep losses,It’s a question of covering the cost, let alone making a profit.In addition, animal diseases are also major risk factors in the development of the livestock industry, especially the outbreak of African Swine fever since August 2018, which may have a significant impact on the company’s business performance.Coal prices are rising and coal power companies are losing money. For a long time, the contradiction between supply and demand of coal power has been a thorny problem.In 2021, under the coal power game, the situation of coal enterprises and coal power enterprises can be described as “fire and ice”.One side is the coal enterprise number money hand cramp, one side is the coal power enterprise to lose money to compensate a bottom son.On The evening of January 28, the last train of this “explosive thunder”, coal and electricity enterprises also declined.Huaneng International (600011.SH) released a performance forecast that the company is expected to lose 9.8 billion to 11.7 billion yuan in 2021.Datang power generation ( said that the company is expected to turn to loss in 2021, the loss amount of about 9 billion ~ 10.8 billion yuan.In addition, companies such as Huadian International (600027.SH), Jingneng Power (600578.SH), Jiantou Energy (000600.SZ) and Huayin Power (600744.SH) are expected to suffer losses of about 2 billion to 5 billion yuan.In all cases, the losses were caused by higher costs caused by the surge in coal prices over the past year, with electricity prices rising much less than coal.The above private equity industry personage told reporters that coal power is the ballast stone of China’s electricity safety, in order to protect the national economy and people’s livelihood and economic development, in the coal price soared in these years, coal power enterprises even if it is a loss of money also have to run at full load.In the long run, some coal and power enterprises have long been insolvent, relying on group guarantees and loans to survive. The asset-liability ratio of power generation groups has been running at a high level for a long time, and some of their power plants have even been shut down or bankrupt.As for the cause of long-term loss of coal power industry, some people point out that it is caused by excess capacity of power industry and squeeze living space of new energy, but in fact, the real reason still lies in the marketization and futures of coal.Forecasts released on the night of January 28th showed that all three airlines were in the “ten-billion-dollar club” of losses.Air China (601111.SH) released a performance forecast, is expected to continue to lose money in 2021, a loss of about 14.5 billion to 17 billion yuan.China Southern Airlines (600029.SH) suffered a loss of 11.3 billion to 12.8 billion yuan.China Eastern Airlines (600115.SH) was “slightly inferior”, losing 11 billion to 13.5 billion yuan.In 2021, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on the global aviation industry continues to reverberate, with a succession of overwhelmed international airlines filing for bankruptcy protection.As the global epidemic situation is still severe and the pressure of preventing imported passengers is not reduced, the passenger traffic volume of China’s international routes remains low, and international routes are still an important reason for the loss.In addition, the rising cost of fuel has also raised the cost of airlines, civil aviation enterprises are still facing greater operating pressure.Monthly passenger traffic on international routes is lower than the same period last year, and cumulative passenger traffic on international routes this year is down about 80%.Asset impairment is still the disaster area in addition to structural problems in the industry, large asset impairment is also the annual “explosive thunder” disaster area.Oceanwide Holdings (000046.SZ), which is mainly engaged in financial and real estate businesses, is expected to report a net profit loss of 9 billion to 11 billion yuan in 2021, a loss of about twice that of last year, and a loss of about 5 billion yuan after restructuring in the same period of last year.Oceanwide explained the reasons for the loss by saying that due to changes in the overseas macroeconomic environment and the impact of COVID-19, the recoverable amount of overseas projects is expected to decrease in the future. In accordance with the principle of prudence, the company has made impairment provisions for real estate projects in the United States and power plants in Indonesia.In addition, the holding subsidiary Minsheng Trust prudently made provision for fair value loss and impairment for individual risk items.Foton Motor (600166.SH) January 28 released the results of pre-loss announcement shows that, by The impact of The impairment of Beijing Borgwo related matters, the company in 2021 to the mother net profit loss of about 5.035 billion yuan, the company in the same period last year to the mother net profit of 155 million yuan.To be specific, by the end of 2021, the company has receivables of 1.671 billion yuan for the balance payment and interest of The equity transfer of Borggood Beijing, 4.016 billion yuan for the loan principal and interest, arrears, guarantee compensation and long-term equity investment of Borggood Beijing, and 1.849 billion yuan for the vehicle assets of Borggood Beijing received in the form of debt repayment.The total amount of 7.536 billion yuan is due to the fact that Beijing Baugh is no longer able to continue operating, and Foton auto reserves 6.113 billion yuan for impairment out of caution, and 3.93 billion yuan for 2021.After excluding the above items and the impact of non-recurring gains and losses, Foton said its total profit in 2021 will be about 355 million yuan.Yonghui Supermarket (601933.SH) also said that the company carried out impairment tests on some long-term assets, and made provision for impairment, plus the loss of fair value changes of financial assets, the total impact on profits of about 600 million yuan;In addition, the company invested 670 million yuan in the technology of digital war and lost 840 million yuan in online business.The implementation of the new lease standards led to the company’s net profit in that year and the original standards compared to reduce about 400 million yuan.The above factors combined led to a net profit loss of 3.99 billion yuan in 2021, compared with a profit of 1.79 billion yuan in the same period last year.Silver persimmon financial reporter noted that this is also yonghui supermarket listed since the first annual performance loss.In addition, ST Red Sun (000525.SZ), Enlightenment environment (000826.SZ) are also due to impairment matters, resulting in large losses.Business failure, risk matters continue to affect listed companies because of business failure to appear substantial losses.Baic Blue Valley ( pre-loss announcement shows that the company’s production and sales did not meet expectations and continued marketing and RESEARCH and development investment, the company’s annual net profit loss of 4.8 billion to 5.3 billion yuan in 2021, a loss of 6.482 billion yuan in the same period last year.Public information shows that baiC Blue Valley’s main business is the research and development, production, sales and service of pure electric passenger cars and core components.The company’s main products for the vehicle.Specifically, BAIC Blue Valley said that due to the impact of COVID-19 and raw material supply, the company’s production and sales volume did not meet expectations, and the existing gross profit could not cover the inherent costs, which affected the company’s performance by about 2 billion to 2.5 billion yuan.In order to realize the high-end transformation of products, and to fully promote the brand promotion and channel construction of ARCFOX Polar Fox, the company increased brand communication, advertising and operation sales expenses increased, and the amount of impact on the company’s performance was about 1.7 billion yuan;The company continues to build independent technology capabilities and increase investment in RESEARCH and development. The impact of research and development expenses on the company’s performance is about 1.1 billion yuan.Also due to unfavorable operation, Junsheng Electronics (600699.SH) recorded a net profit loss of 3.18 billion to 3.78 billion yuan in 2021. The company said that due to the global epidemic, chip shortage and other factors to bring great uncertainty to the automotive industry, the company plans to make impairment provisions for long-term assets (including goodwill).The company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 will be affected by 2 billion to 2.5 billion yuan, resulting in a significant decline in the company’s 2021 annual performance.Yinshi Financial reporters noted that among the companies in the same shenwan tertiary industry with Junsheng Electronics, there are still 10 companies that released 2021 performance data, among which 7 companies recorded losses, and Junsheng electronics suffered the largest loss.The loss of Shanghai Electric (601727.SH) seems to be expected. Affected by the “private network communication” event, by the end of September 2021, the asset impairment loss of 7.367 billion yuan has been confirmed after the occurrence of risk events in the holding subsidiary of Shanghai Electric.Shanghai Electric has recognized the net profit loss of 6.574 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of the listed company for the risk matters of the subsidiary.It is estimated that the impact of this risk on Shanghai Electric’s net profit in 2021 will be -8 billion to -8.3 billion yuan.In addition, factors such as rising operating costs of overseas projects, rising costs caused by fluctuations in raw material prices, and credit impairment losses of assets related to Evergrande Group held by some subordinate enterprises jointly led to a net profit loss of 8.9 billion to 10.3 billion yuan in 2021.