“Fu Hu Welcome spring” Dragon teng Hu Yue, Hu Hu sheng wei, Li Sanhu to wish you a happy New Year

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All the past is a gift.All the future is a surprise!Time roll, time like water, do not feel to add new age.At the moment most want to say: thank you for my company, thank you for being with me.Time does not stop, year after year flowers similar, year after year people are different.The past, in the New Year’s bell, sounded that moment, dusty heart.I believe that what is coming will be the hope and beauty with the breath of spring.There are three wishes for the year of the Tiger: First, may the river be long, the years are traceless, the earth is not old, and the sun shines.Second, I would like to travel without care, home without misthinking.Walk unbound, think innocently.Third, I wish to have friends from afar, time does not change its nature, the world does not stain its heart, go to talk, drink big cup.The New Year, I wish you a happy year of the Tiger, like a tiger with wings added!Li Shanhu wishes everyone a happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger, a tiger 100 win!Lee San-ho (1981~), Bachelor, School of Fine Arts, Yanbian University, China (1999~2003), Master, School of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Korea (2005~2007) Solo Exhibition (3 rounds)”Rebirth” — Li Shanhu Art Exhibition, China, Beijing (more than 50 sessions) 2020.Bird’s Nest, China 2019.The Great Wall, China 2018.Shang Shang International Art Museum 2017, China.Song Zhuang 1503 Art Museum, 2016, China.Beijing International Exhibition Center, China 2015.Shang Shang International Art Museum, China 2014.Gwangju, South Korea 2013.Busan, South Korea 2012.Millennium Monument Art Museum 2011.Exhibition, Songzhuang Art District, Beijing 2010.Invited Artist, Busan, Korea 2009.International Art Exhibition, KU Art Center, Beijing 2008.Li Space, Beijing 2007., Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai, China 2006., ANSAN Danwon Art Museum, Korea 2005.”GPS Exhibition”, Hongik University Museum of Modern Art, 2006, Korea.Han Guoan and Best Painting Award of Art Competition 2014.Best Innovation Award of China Art Industry Expo 2015.China Suzhou Cultural Creative Design Expo Gold Award 2016.Best Organization and Planning Award of China Art Industry Expo 2017.Top 100 Cultural and Creative Project Award of Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition 2018.Beijing Tongzhou Canal Culture Leading Talents Exhibition and activity planning 2006~ July.- Korean Modern Art Exhibition in China, Beijing, China, Duolun Museum of Art, Shanghai, 2007. – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hongik University Museum of Art, Korea, 2008.World first – Beijing KU ART CENTER2009.International Artist Creation Base project – Beijing KU ART RESIDENCE2010.Russian academic art exhibition – Beijing KU ARTCENTER2012~18.- National Defense Art Museum, World Peace Foundation, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, etc. 2013.Special Invitational Exhibition of Korea Pavilion – Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center 2014.International Pavilion exhibition Area – Shang Shang International Art Museum, Beijing, 2015.- Global Art Derivatives RESEARCH and Development Center, Suzhou 2016.-Art Derivatives Special Exhibition Area, Songzhuang, Beijing, 2017.-Art Derivatives Special Exhibition Area, Tongzhou Government Special Exhibition Area 2018.- Art Derivatives Special Exhibition Area, Songzhuang, Beijing